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Ylang Yang

AKA *Prince Ylang Yang Charming*

Most people have trouble pronouncing Ylang Ylang. Notice if you just stumbled over how to say this rainforest flower’s name! Energetically, when you mispronounce a word or can’t remember something’s (or someone’s) name it means you may need to get to know it better. Your vibration and its vibration aren’t on a first name basis and don’t know each other too well or too comfortable (yet). It is a sign to start to pay attention to and learn about (and from) this vibr

ation that is confusing you. It is also a sign that this is an area in your life that you may just need help with….

Today we talk about Ylang Ylang (EEE-lang EEE-lang): the flower that brings relationship bliss.

I like to dance around the topic of relationships because as a little girl who grew up believing Prince Charming was real (and in everyone’s future) it is hard for me to admit when I have a relationship issue (or more honestly, relationship issues) or even talk about the reality that most people are far from living in a fairytale in their personal relationships. As a healer, I have seen the top things that stress people over and over again, and relationships tend to be tied for first with money, physical health and job stress. Because I like my happily-ever-after, in my writings I am not as open and blunt with the blockages and self-sabotaging behaviors we do to ourselves and our partners in relationships as I am with our own health, our ability to receive abundance and our ability to actually have a job that we enjoy. But Ylang Ylang, she routes for love, partnership and inner joy, and so here she is, having me talk about this with you today.

Ylang Ylang grows on a tree that lives in the rainforest in the South Pacific and Asia. Her tree has been nicknamed “Perfume Tree” because her scent is almost intoxicating and grabs the attention of most in the rainforest. Her flower is yellow, droopy and has long petals that reach out like a star. She is something to be noticed on all sensory levels, and if she were a person, she would totally be a super star! She’d be the drop-dead-gorgeous, confident, sensual being that everyone noticed as soon as she walked in the room. Falling in love with her would be easy. She is giggly, smiley, love reminding us that to love is a beautiful thing: not anything that is hard, negative or complicated.

By humans, she has been used a long time in the perfume industry (She is one of the star ingredients in Chanel Number 5) and relatively recently she has been understood as medicine. Research and scientific studies have proven her to be amazing for skin health (specifically eczema and dermatitis), a sedative and nervine to help aid stress, nerves, and anxiety, and brain medicine to fight depression and deep sadness. Ylang Ylang is a heart tonic and she has been proven to tonify the heart and regenerate the body. Because she helps bring harmony back into the heart, the blood benefits and studies have shown her to work to balance blood pressure and blood sugar.

Her power on a physical level exists because of her power on an emotional level: Ylang Ylang teaches you how to love and enjoy yourself and others. She speaks to the heart.

Humans tend to make things complicated when it comes to matters of the heart. If we are in a relationship, we tend to be stressed because of *this* or *that.* If we are not in a relationship, we tend to be stressed because of *this* or *that*. If we are kind of in a relationship, we tend to be stressed because of *this* or *that”. We even stress ourselves out over own self love in our relationship with ourselves because of *this* or *that.*

Ylang Ylang’s floral scent is powerful. She gives you a vibrant swift shift helping you let go of *this* and *that.* She teaches you to realize that if you think matters of the heart are complicated, it is only because you are thinking. Matters of the heart are not complicated: love is pure, joy, and bliss: matters of the head, when we start thinking about, judging, having an opinion, becoming attached, controlling, fantasizing…(and so on) in love...are complicated. The brain is meant to be a complicated system. The heart is meant to beat for life and joy every second. Ylang Ylang liberates the heart, allowing it to come back to it self, while balancing the brain, allowing it to be what it is supposed to be. Have you noticed you have never seen wrinkles in front of the skin of the heart, yet you will see wrinkles on the skin in front of the brain(the forehead)? This is because the brain is supposed to think/examine/analyze and the heart is simply supposed to love. There are not contracting or wrinkles with love.

Ylang Ylang puts the fantasy back into love and teaches you how to make it reality. She does this through honest heart opening which leads to pure joy. She will teach you the difference between the heart’s work and the brain’s work and show you how to let each do their things in a healthy and balanced way. She is the Prince Charming rescuing humanity and their relationship issues.

Prince Ylang Ylang Charming routes for happiness and has a way of awakening our inner innocence. She has a way of bringing out the purity within you before you had your heart broken or lived some life and saw *this* or *that* that brought sadness in your world. She has often made me giggle like a little school girl. She brings the heart giddies. She brings freedom, bliss and lightness and is to be used to help release depression.

Prince Ylang Ylang Charming helps calm the brain when you get too heady in matters of the heart. This means you start causing yourself stress when you think of relationships generally or your relationships you are in. She teaches you to calm down and chose ease and peace over drama and complication.

Prince Ylang Ylang Charming routes for partnership. She’ll work as your relationship therapist without the couch and co-pay. She will remind you to be forgiving, compassionate, understanding, respectful and appreciative to the differences between you and your partner. She will remind you these differences are what bring balance, wisdom, and growth to your relationship and help evolve your soul. These differences also bring insight and stability. She will help you notice the good over the bad and make the bad not seem so big or dramatic. She reminds us that our partners must hold at least one trait we do not like and we too must hold at least one trait our partner does not like. This is the only way we will learn to love without conditions.

Prince Ylang Ylang Charming is confident in love with herself and that vibe emits large. You can see it in her in flower-form in the rainforest: probably, if the other plants and trees weren’t rooted, they’d walk right over to see her amazing self love up close and personal. In her essence form, when you put her on your skin, she brings a magnetism in your heart. She is wonderful medicine for fierce self love. This is helpful if you are single and lonely, getting over an ex, or in a relationship that isn’t flowing smoothly. When you love yourself, you attract more love and she magnitises love in and around you.

Prince Ylang Ylang Charming is sexy and sensual and routes for beauty. On a physical note, not only is she an aphrodisiac, this droopy flower helps things not be so droopy: she works as a liabado for both men and women and has been proven to firm and uplift breasts as they begin to sag over time. She is a beautiful flower that helps us feel beautiful in our skin and with our “sexy parts” and she routes for blissful sex and love making. Watch yourself :)

Love and its perfectness does not look like the fairytales we watched growing up: Ylang Ylang shows us the perfectness in the journey to unconditional love is far better than any fictional story we were told. She will help bring a smile to you in the reality of your own life: the most epic love story ever told.

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