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"Life is good: Cha-Cha-Cha"


Fruit, as medicine, is a powerful energy force. You see, fruit hold the energy of accomplishment and fulfillment. The existence of fruit celebrates the end of a successful cycle. Fruits start off as a seed. A ton of energy, patience, alignment, and “perfect” conditions must occur to turn that seed to a fruit. That little seed must turn into a plant or a tree, develop leaves, develop a flower, and finally develop a fruit from that flower. One step at a time, surrendering to nature and the conditions around it, if a fruit exists, it is the labor and representation of change and growth meeting its intended goal.

Fruit medicine is powerful to use to help you feel inspired to accomplish your goals and to teach you patience and surrender in the growth and evolvement process. Turn to fruit medicine if you are working hard to accomplish a set goal, have accomplished a set goal or have something to celebrate! In the same, if you are yearning for a “win” or something to celebrate for (or need the push to believe that “you can do it”, fruit medicine is helpful to use when you feel uninspired, un-accomplished, hopeless, low/negative or unhappy. Fruit medicine reminds us that all big things start from small things and that anything is possible.

Fruit is symbolic of cause and effect. For what you put in is what you get out. Spirituality, seeds are said to represent the cause and the flower is said to represent the effect. You turn to seed medicine to further understand the power of “cause” and you turn to flower medicine to understand the power of “effect.” Because fruit hold seeds within them, they are the embodiment of both cause and effect: they represent that for everything there is a cause and effect and in each cause there is an effect while also in each effect there is a cause...this profound energy teaches us to be mindful of our actions and put good into everything. It also teaches us the power of the energy of giving and receiving from the universe and collective whole.

Fruit are linked to the energy of the planet, Saturn and are said to be our karmic teacher. You know what they say: good seeds reap good fruit! Fruit energy celebrates good fruit and therefore supports the energy of good karma. If Saturn is a planet in your birth chart or its planet’s energy is affecting Earth or a period in your life (due a retrograde, Saturn return (AKA mid-life or quarter-life-crisis) or Saturn period), using fruit medicine is healing. Also, if you are connecting with improving your karma and strengthening your relationship with karma, I’d suggest using fruit medicine and hearing their teachings.


Grapefruit is special fruit medicine because she is “new medicine.” What I mean by that is that a lot of plant medicine has been around since biblical times or used for thousands of years. Grapefruit is only about 300 years old.

I believe everything nature provides for us is what its creatures need for evolvement. If you meditate on the changes of earth: the plants, trees, fruits and animals that are extinct now, we know that they are because their extinction was needed for for Earth’s evolution.

Everything holds a vibration: plants and trees hold a vibration to teach us a lesson. Once, we (individually) know the lesson deeply and live it as a normal truth, we don’t need to the plant or tree medicine anymore as it becomes a part of us. Once we, the masses, have learned that lesson or are called to shift focus and learn the lesson through a different vibration that a plant or tree has, a plant or tree may leave Earth/become instinct. The universe doesn’t “like” space so when something leaves, new plants or trees become created by Mother Nature to teach us new lessons so we can further evolve as a species and a planet.

What are we evolving to? Love, of course. So the teachings and vibrations of the plants and trees will stay with us as long or short as they need to for us, as humans, to take their medicines and learn their lessons so we can learn love. It is interesting to think about the plants and trees that have been with us as medicines for thousands and thousands of years: this shows Earth still needs these messages to help its people and the other creatures/vibrations of Earth. This is why it is so important for us to sit with the plants and trees and teachings of nature and truly listen so we can learn and evolve.

Grapefruit was created by Mother Nature’s grace around 1750 on the tropical and joyful island of Barbados. Through the natural breeding (from wind) of a Pomelo and Sweet Orange Tree, a Grapefruit Tree was born. When this “hybrid” was created, the people of Barbados had no idea what it was. They nicknamed the fruit, “forbidden fruit” because of its divine and unexpected creation on Earth. Its official name became “Grapefruit” because the fruits of the tree bunched together when growing like that of grapes.

We talked about the labor and symbolism of the fruit energetically and how it represents labor, alignment, and karma, and Grapefruit is an amplified version of this. She is a “new” miracle giving Earth a lesson that may be its people knew before in earlier times but now have forgotten. She is giving us a lesson Earth is currently having a hard time grasping...happiness.

Grapefruit gives us the medicine of JOY. Her bitter and sour taste neutralizes the bitter and sour attitudes and beliefs we can hold within that rob us from feeling happy. She is a powerful antidepressant and will help bring happiness back into our heart and mind. In a world that often times seems cold and sad, full of depression (with diagnosises and man-made medications to try to make sense of this sadness) Grapefruit is a gift from the universe bringing hope and bliss.

When I think of what Grapefruit would look like if she were a person all I can visualize is a big, smiling, happy face: a smile so big (showing all of her teeth) and so bright that it literally makes you immediately smile. Grapefruit, as a person, of course, would be playing the Maracas dancing around, laughing and inviting others in on her happy vibration. She would shake her Maracas in your face and remind you to move with the ebbs and flows of life with JOY, to laugh and to invite a sense of humor to all that we tend to think has to always be “so serious.” She’d be the living embodiment of the saying “Turn that frown upside down.” Her joyful nature helps snap us out of our negative, unhappy, overly-responsible and overly-serious attitudes and remind us that YAY, life is meant to be one of happiness.

If Grapefruit were a person, she’d be the fun, funny, happy, responsible but silly person at a party or social event singing songs of joy. She’d say, “LIFE IS HAPPINESS!! CHA-CHA-CHA! She’d get you dancing, even if you hate dancing. She’d get you singing, even if you have the worst voice. She’d get believing, even if you felt hopeless. She’d get you playing, even if you believed you were forgot you had this in you. This is because Grapefruit is powerful solar plexus medicine, balancing the third chakra, reminding us of our worth, our will and that “we can.”

If you were the one in the back corner of the room with a sour look on your face, Grapefruit would get you laughing even though you didn’t feel like laughing. If you were the one feeling lost, she’d help you find motivation. If you were the one feeling dark and all alone, she’d show you the light and show you all that you have. Grapefruit is the vibration of a “glass full half.” She shows us the up-side of everything.

If Grapefruit were you friend, she’d motivate you to be clean and healthy. She does this through her deeply purifying and cleaning ways: physically, she is anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and a blood purifier. She helps keep us at a healthy weight and helps us choose to eat healthy. She has been known to be used to help lose weight and to help fight obesity. She assists with emotional eating, bringing a strong sense of self love and appreciation for our bodies. She also is powerful in curbing sugar addictions. She will help with your bad sugar habits and direct you towards eating healthier, cleaner foods.

Grapefruit is also amazing medicine for our hair: Central American grandmothers would tell their granddaughters to rub grapefruit peels in their hair to help it grow!

Grapefruit was born in Barbados so her ancestry line holds one of island vibes. She is a vacation in a bottle and is encouraged to use when you are feeling like you need a vacation, when you are in rut of sadness or generally when you are feeling crabby, grumpy, sad or depressed.

I believe Grapefruit medicine came to the planet only a mere 300 years ago to shake it up a bit and remind us that life is FUN and FUN is good for us. She teaches us the difference between fun and reckless/irresponsible behavior we think iwis fun. She is deeply detoxifying and brings us back to the pure reminder that happiness is one of our birthrights. Grapefruit gives the reminder that life is good….

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