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When you are stuck in a carousel of revolving pain caused from ego, blame, punishment, spite or resentment: may it be from yourself or from another (or others), it is probably time for you to hang out with Hyssop. Hyssop is known as the “queen of forgiveness” and she leads us creatures of the Earth to letting go through forgiving. This flower purifies the heart showing us how to move forward. She reminds us that moving forward truly comes from forgiveness. There really are not many vibrations higher than forgiveness, except the highest vibration, Love (Forgiveness’s best friend) and so when you use Hyssop you are connecting with a frequency that is high and pure.

Forgiveness is power. It gives you back your power, instead of wanting to lay in the fetal position and cry all day. It gives you back your strength, instead of succumbing to the negative thinking that can literally take over every second of every thought in your head. It wipes your away tears, showing you that healing and smiling again is possible. It takes away the knocks in your stomach that leave you feeling numb or sick. It gives us back our zest so we can get up and go. Forgiveness helps empower us and all those we have hurt (intentionally or unintentionally) freeing us all from the mistakes that we make on the human experience that cause pain to each other or ourselves.

Letting others or ourselves down happens. Holding expectations for others or ourselves (that we don’t meet) can cause suffering. Breaking promises or commitments can hurt a heart. Changing in a way that others don’t want you to can cause pain. Mistakes happen every day. Miscommunications happen all the time. We will all let down at least one person in our life. We will all be let down from at least one person some time in our life. This is being a human. But these things (these pains) are not in vein: they led us to understanding what it truly means to choose health and life. By choosing to forgive, we are choosing to love. By choosing love, we are choosing health and from health we have life.

I feel most of us in this world can benefit from taking it a little easier on one another: we can all benefit from using words with softer tones and more love. We can all work to be more open and vulnerable. We can all benefit from letting go of the expectations we put on one another. We can all benefit from honoring each other more: as it is a miracle we are live and a great gift to be here on Earth together in this moment.

I feel most of us in this world can benefit from taking it a little easier on ourselves: we can all benefit from talking to ourselves by using words with softer tones and more love. We can all work to be more open and vulnerable with ourselves. We can all benefit from letting go of the expectations we put on ourselves. We can all benefit from honoring ourselves every day in every way as it is a miracle to be alive and a gift to be here on Earth. It is a dream.

Yet ego and fear, these dark vibrations, see it in a different way. They want us to be defensive, to hold grudges, to talk poorly about one another or ourselves or even “get revenge.” They want us to self-sabotage ourselves. They want us to hold on to things that have happened in the past that are not happening now. Ego and fear do not want us to be free. They do not want us to be love. They do not want us to be happy. They do not want us to live in the moment and see the miracle that is life.

We can go to “battle” with each other. Each person thinking they are right, not recognizing or caring about the hurt we can cause one another. We can go to battle with ourselves on a daily basis. They say the tongue is sharp like a sword. Some of us go to battle every day: writing a nasty text, saying something mean to another, even writing a degrading review or bullying someone on social media. We can look at our own beautiful face and say hurtful things about that reflection in the mirror. Yes, we can be triggered or defensive or even protective in the way that we respond or we may simply be ignorant and not realize the hurt we cause to ourself or the end, all that is there is pain.

I have learned through my own life that our battle is never with another person (even if we “think” they are the problem or they caused the problem). The true battle is with fear, insecurities, inner hurt and inner anxieties

and sadnesses. The true battle is the dark tiger within that each of us have. We need to starve this dark tiger and feed our soul with love and forgiveness. Hyssop teaches us how to do this. She is here to guide us on this powerful journey.

Our tongue does not have to be a sword nor do our actions have to be that of retaliation because....

We can bring each other so much hope.

So much love.

So much of everything that is good…

We can do this for our self, every second as well.

Forgiveness takes strength, dignity, grace, courage and truth and these high vibrations are blocked by failing to forgive. Hyssop opens the door for us to be with these powerful, healing emotions. She invites us in to sit with them and learn from them on how to move forward and take back our life.

This 1-2 foot shrub with tiny blue, purple, pink or white flowers shows us how to let go of the past and let go of memories or instances or people or places that we just cannot forgive. She reminds us that only in holding on to these things are we hurting our own lives and creating a big wall to all the wonderful opportunities and abundance of love and success we can feel and live daily. Forgiveness can save a relationship. It can save our own life.

But what about situations that you truly believe that are just unforgivable….or people that you believe deserve to never be forgiven? How can society forgive Hitler? Can you be the person who says “I love you” to the person who punches you in the face? Can you hug the person who caused tragedy or heartache in your life? Hyssop is a really resilient plant: she withstand droughts and grow in sandy/terrible soil without any nutrients. She will teach you how to be resilient with your forgiveness.

I believe a quest in the human experience is to simply love: even the most “unlovable”. I believe that this is why we are alive. To learn to love one another and forgive all for our mistakes and shortcomings. Hyssop reminds us we are not to judge or live with condition. The frequencies of cause and effect and the universe take care of all of that so we must simply stay pure.

But what if someone doesn’t forgive you after you say your sorry? What if they leave you and your heart is forever broken? What if they are still out to get you or wish bad on you? Hyssop teaches us that that mindsight is actually an illusion: for when we forgive it frees ourselves, and as long as our apology is pure, it does not matter how the other reacts. The universe will take care of you and all your pure actions of growth and expansion.

I watched a man say “I forgive you” to a person who shot him which left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I saw forgiveness and love liberate him and give him back his life just from this statement. It did not matter how the shooter response. The man who forgave healed: his whole face changed. He de-aged 10 years. He was free.

Hyssop is a powerful plant. . Some of us have a hard time forgiving or moving forward. Some of us just aren’t naturally that brave as the man in the wheelchair. I have been on my knees with not an ounce of left of hope left in the universe. She gave me just a small push to help me stand tall again. She reminds you of your inner strength and that being pure will bring pureness. Trust in that as there is no way around that.

Humanity have felt her vibration for lifetimes. For thousands and thousands of years Hyssop has been used in religious purification ceremonies in Egypt and she has been mentioned in the bible a few times hinting at her purity. She is mentioned in, Psalm 51: "Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean" and again when Jesus was on the cross, a glass of vinegar was passed to him on a Hyssop branch.

Hyssop is known to fight the “big” diseases and sicknesses like: cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, asthma, heavy flus, cardiac issues and immune system problems… when we have unforgiven blood pumping through our body is hard to be strong. Hyssop brings us back our strength.

Hyssop will also bring you to truth, for until we truly face these stories and lies we tell ourselves that hold us back from moving forward, we will never find peace. We say we forgive but we do not forget. Hyssop says we do not truly forgive until we forget and move forward. The soul will leave wiser and so why must we hold on to tough memories? Hyssop is very powerful throat chakra medicine and is known to help soothe sore throats and work as a cough suppressant. Getting these blockages out physically helps us to speak from a more forgiving place.

So say it with me…to yourself or any situation in your life or with another...all together now: I forgive.

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