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Cypress is a powerful medicine tree. She is a member of the conifer family and embodies the resilient, evergreen vibrations of these strong and sturdy trees. Cypress have two powerful lessons to teach humanity: she provides the medicine of protection and she teaches us how to weather the storms of adversity when they come into our life.


The ebbs and flows of life are beautiful and Cypress will teach you this beauty. If you are in a hard period of your life, and you cannot feel this truth (you are thinking: There is nothing beautiful about this pain-strucken-I-can’t-get-out-of-bed-depression I am dealing with right now) I understand. Cypress can bring healing as she reminds us that certain times of our lives are high, full of abundance, beauty, health and ease: while other times of life are full of lessons: blessings in disguise. These moments of adversity or pain may bring us down but Cypress holds us strong: she is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. She will teach you stability with her sturdy, resilient energy while also, like a mother, wrap her big green arms around you and hold you until you feel safe. If you feel you are being put through the ringer, she will help conjure your inner strength and bring out the grounded, strong nature within you to face and break through all that is challenging. She will say, “Hey, you are strong and tall, just like me. We are all the same.”

Everything that Cypress is made of is meant to weather storms (literally). By taking her medicinally, she will teach your body the same because everything in us as humans was also created to help us weather any storm, too.

Cypress grows to great heights: they tower over the land. They can see the big picture. A drop of this medicine (made from the twigs, stems and needles) hold the energy of this massive tree. In times of pain, she lifts you up. One drop of oil holds the energy of something that could be over 60 feet tall. That bigness starts to talk to your cells and rewrite your DNA. It helps you remember you have this bigness within you too. From here, your heart learns to tower over anything that is making you feel small.

Cypress, like all conifers, have deep roots. When we are living in adversity, we can get caught up in the pain. Cypress knows how to stay present and she will teach you this gift. She is deeply grounding. More so, as humans, our roots are fleeting because we don’t have tangible roots: we have moveable feet! When life gets tough, we have the capability of running away. If you don’t like someone, you can leave. If you are in the middle of an unpleasant conversation, you can use your feet and walk away. If a place or situation makes you feel not good, you have the ability to simply not go there again.

Trees do not get this same privilege. Can you picture a forest of Cypress trees in the midst of a blizzard? They don’t just turn to one another and say, “Dude, let’s get out of here. It’s cold.” and uplift themselves and make their way down to the Carribean. Cypress have to stay put. They have to endure what Earth and the universe have in store for them. They do not have a choice. From this place is where true resiliency grows.

The “grass is greener” is a story that some of us can fantasize about. If your marriage is hard right now, sure you can think about divorse or give in to the fighting, cheating, or pain and be in an unhappy marriage. If your health is wavering, of course you can forget the resilience of the miracle that is the machine known as the human body and live in fear that “it is just going to get worse.” If ***inset problem here*** is happening, sure ***insert story that tricks us from fighting the long and good fight here.***

Many of us give up before we even really get started. We don’t think we are giving up because we already have worked hard and we don’t think we have more to give, but think that about that Cypress tree frozen branches facing downward because they are toppled with snow. Relationships are a full time job. Our body is a miracle. Cypress can’t give up: they must stay put and endure. They are far stronger than we can fathom. They know that the snow will melt one day and it will get easier. They remind us that we can do anything too.

Cypress trees live long (up to hundreds of years). They can grow at an altitude where humans have a hard time breathing. They grow great widths and heights from just a tiny seed. They are living and tangible proof of the power of potential and the gifts that are rewarded from staying put, being consistent, and committing to the good fight, always.

They also teach us to be this way on our own. Could you imagine if when a storm was coming the Cypress trees huddled together for protection or a smaller Cypress ran under a larger Cypress? Cypress are great trees to help us from being dependent. Do you notice what a forest of Cypress trees look like? They honor boundaries: they don’t grow on top of each other. They grow close to support each other but they take over each other’s spaces. They work together, not “getting their branches tangled up in one another” and teach the world the power of interdependence.

If you are a Reiki Healer, you can think of Cypress as the tangible form of Cho-Ku-Rei. For those who do not practice Reiki, Cho-Ku-Rei is a symbol that brings deep protection. I often reference Cypress as my “cho-ku-rei in a bottle” and strongly suggest this plant medicine for all energy workers to use on a daily basis (in sessions and as preventive medicine). I say this because Cypress teaches boundaries and protects us from picking up other’s energy while keeping our own energy healthy and strong.

I like to think of Cypress as spiritual soldiers for the world. They are often seen as ornamental trees found in own backyard or businesses. I often see Cypress along the highway in San Diego. There are various varieties of Cypress but a common one used in this way grows tall and thin. When planted right next to one another, they mimic a fence. I see them as nature’s fence protecting each space creating healthier barriers teaching healthy separation. They teach us “This is yours and this is mine:” showing basic human respect and how to share space while providing health and inspiration and not taking over anyone else..

Cypress can be used when you feel you need to learn this lesson or construct better boundaries in your life. Cypress can also be used if you are sensitive and have a hard time separating your own energies from others. If you are one who feels overwhelmed in crowds of people or places without a lot of energy, simply place a few drops on your hands and she will do her magic. I’m a pretty sensitive being so I use Cypress even when I just go to the grocery store!

Perspective is everything and affects the health of us physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally. Cypress’s healthy perspective brings great health to our body.

  • She relieves anxiety and helps us when we feel overwhelmed.

  • She is potent medicine helping the immune system be strong and is recommended to help with dis-ease and illnesses that compromise our immune system (like cancer).

  • She removes toxins and is a diuretic. She is known to help cleanse the liver, reduce acne and lower cholesterol levels naturally.

  • She has high antiseptic properties and heals wounds/cuts fast.

  • She treats cramps and muscle spasms.

  • She is a natural medicine for Carpal Tunnel.

  • She is a wonderful repository medicine, helping clear up phlegm and is anti-cough.

  • She will give you back your breath and help keep your lungs healthy and helps with respiratory infections and asthma.

  • She promotes blood clotting, is helpful with wounds and cuts, and helps reduce heavy menstruation; she has been proven to help serve as a natural fibroid treatment and endometriosis.

  • Above all this, she is amazing for cellulite and varicose veins for when you feel beautiful inside, the outside follows.

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