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Sugandha Kokila: White Cinnamon

Sugandha Kokila is the giver of peace and love. When I close my eyes, I see her as a prayer flag. Her vibration is one of purity and she is a teacher to the world of living a life of change through positive example. She teaches the medicine of the power of being a positive ripple effect to the Earth and all its beings. She brings out the peaceful leader within all of us. She leads us to peace so we can do the same for our own life and then help others through our actions.

Just as prayer flags are said to bring blessings every

time the wind hits them and they ripple in the air showering their blessings of love, peace and unity of the world, a drop of Sugandha Kokila will have the same effect on your body, mind and soul. She is an “internal prayer flag” vibrating how to live a life where we are peaceful beings, responsible for our actions, choose love, and stand strong in our convictions to be a powerful, positive example in the world of good. Everything that is in a drop of Suganha Kokila oil is pure and good. She helps rid lower vibrations and darknesses within through the power of purity and kindness. Use a few drops of her and feel the peace ring within your soul.

Sugandha Kokila is a strong and tall evergreen tree. She grows at altitudes of about 4,000 feet allowing her to be a product of cleaner and more pure air. She also comes from a place closer to heaven that can see the bigger picture of life a little easier. These things live within her and will live within your DNA if you use her as medicine.

Her medicine is distilled from the (dried) berries of this tree. Because of this, she holds the teachings of good karma because she is the example of good karma. It takes nothing but positivity, strength and alignment for a seed to one day turn into a fruit. Fruit medicine (that is, essential oils that are distilled from the fruit of the tree) teach all the lessons that it takes a fruit to fruit from a seed: when you use fruit medicine you are experiencing patience, resilience, growth, surrender and harmony.

Many seeds do not make it to fruit. It is a miracle of nature.

Good seeds make good fruit. Sugandha Kokila is the product of that good karma and when used as medicine she teaches you the miracles of positive action, patience, and that the fruit of love’s labor is the most sweet and healing there is. I see her as a peaceful miracle in a bottle.

I suggest this plant medicine for all people because I believe life is a journey to discover how we were created to love and serve one another in peace (all things from the self to plants to rocks to trees to humans to planets…) and I believe Sugandha Kokila teaches the soul deep lessons on how to do this. I truly feel she teaches us how to be better people. In the same, I highly recommend this plant teacher if you are surrounded by corruptness or stuck in selfishness or know that you want to do good but conditioning can make it hard and your actions aren’t always good. If you are stuck in a carousel of bad karma, this is also a teacher for you. As a healer, money and business can make things tough. Sugandha Kokila will bring in her gentle warmness and show you that it is easy. She reminds us that all of our actions are the results of all our actions so make a peaceful contribution every day and all will always be well. She shows you how to do the right thing to benefit the masses through loving action.

Sugandha Kokila is referred to as “White Cinnamon”. Her botanical name is Cinnamomum glaucescens and she is part of the plant family Lauraceae (some of her brothers and sisters are Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf), Cassia, Avocado, and Cinnamon). All of the members of this plant family are strong and bring great gifts to the human race through their offerings: they are trees that all hold the common message of strength and power [through love].

Sugandha Kokila is said to be the softer and more gentle version of Cinnamon. This is why she has been nicknamed White Cinnamon. She holds most of the same properties that Cinnamon holds (she is powerful for the immune system, pain, digestion, and is highly antibacterial and antimicrobial as is her brother Cinnamon). However, cinnamon essential oil is distilled from the bark or the leaves. These oils tend to be very hot and can cause a reaction to the sensitive areas of the skin. Sugandha Kokila is very gentle. It is rare to have a skin reaction to her as she does not provide that heat: instead she gives a gentle warming that many say is “just right.” To me, when I put her on, she feels like a warm hug from an old friend.

When I think of Cinnamon and White Cinnamon together they both are leaders of peace: When I see Cinnamon as a person he is channeled through as a man: as the friendly yet strong mayor making great change for the world. To me, he looks like the character on Monopoly: smiling with a top hat and cane: he is strong and people take him seriously. He is a provider. He provides opportunity and growth but does it through choosing the “right way” through righteousness and love. He never takes advantage of his power and uses it for an example to do right and create sustainable peace. When I see Sugandha Kokila as a person, she is channeled through as pure, white feminine strength: she holds a vibration similar to that of Mother Theresa or a nun dressed in white: one who is a leader in a different way: devoted to love and giving love to the world to show that love is the provider and where power truly resides. White Cinnamon is the vibration of a peaceful protest: she is an example of “fighting the good fight.” She reminds us a hug can save a life.

It is not surprising that she came through as a vision of a prayer flag, to me, when I first used her. She is native to sacred land of Nepal and grows wild throughout the country in the Himalayas. In a country that has (and continues) to peacefully protest for human rights and be a home to countless souls who stand up for human rights through adversity, she is a true product of her environment holding the energy that unconditional love, patience and persistence focused on righteous actions bring positive change. She is and comes from a land that shows the ripple effect of how one peaceful action can change everything even when surrounded by corruption or hate or violence. She will do that for you in your life and aid you in whatever environment you may be in.

She is a plant that teaches peace and provides for in every way even through her cultivation. Her medicine has been wildcrafted for hundreds of years as citizens of Nepal have been collecting wild herbs and berries from the natural environment for centuries, where both women and men traditionally carry out the harvesting practices that are sacred. Medicinal Aroma Plants are one of Nepal’s top 20 goods and services for export. Because of this, when purchasing plant medicine that comes from Nepal it helps the ripple of effect of abundance for its people.

Yet with good there and with power comes a choice: to be righteous or not. Sagndha Kokila has actually been overharvested for monetary reasons and so the Department of Forests, the government and grant programs have come in to provide sustainable practices and now regulate this plant so she is harvested sustainably. Even as she is cultivated, her species promotes conservation. These programs are focused on helping the plant and helping provide jobs and income in a low-income community. She provides opportunity. It is as if the plant speaks through the people to ensure her existence and use while still helping all and showing that choosing peace will always bring abundance. This is her power. As a result, the cultivation of this plant as medicine has brought 86 households in additional to 3 women run forrest nurses income and jobs. In addition to her cultivation, over 600 families have been positively affected income-wise as a result of the distillation of her. She has been reported as “resulting in a unique product that provides steady revenue for the rural, low-income population.”

Sugandha Kokila’s truth is a hug for humanity: the warmness of doing good to the world. She helps in countless ways from all angles bringing good to the world. When taken as medicine, her high vibration brings positive healing to us as a result helping heal and balance our mental, emotional and spiritual states. When these areas are balanced our physical body benefits. She is known to help aid us physically through

helping fight infections, joint pain, and muscle pain. She is a natural tonic for the digestive system and calms the central nervous system She aids circulation and is said to “strengthen the entire body’s system.” With this, she is prized in Ayurvedic medicine. Energetically, she is said to bring all of the chakras into alignment.

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