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Corainder Seed

The coriander plant is one of wonderful insight and wisdom. Her energy teaches humankind many lessons that help us evolve towards positivity, happiness and simple growth. Although relatively small, growing about 20 inches tall, within her is great diversity of powerful medicine that feeds and heals us in many ways. Three parts of this plant (the roots, seeds, and leaves) are deeply healing providing food and medicine to our physical body, mind and soul in different ways.

All of Corrainder’s medicine’s tastes and healing powers are different. The leaves of the coriander plant are cilantro. Cilantro provides a potent taste full of nutrients and vitamins while providing deeply healing medicine to detox the body and heal the skin. The roots provide medicine full of Vitamin A, C and K and has its own distinct taste. The coriander plant also gives us a flower and fruit. The dried fruit from this flower are where the seeds come from. These seeds are then ground into spice or distilled into essential oil. The seeds have a number of healing properties, but the first thing to understand about any medicine that comes from the Coriander plant is she is a plant that teaches us to stay connected and work together with one another while still being an individual and using our unique characteristics to help the world.

You see the roots, leaves and seeds all come from the same place (the same great plant) and they need each other: for without one another, the plant could not exist: together they work as a team that feeds, benefits and supports one another and therefore feeds, supports and benefits anyone and anything that uses the Coriander plant, yet separately they each provide something different in their own unique way to bring healing to the Earth and its creatures. This medicine teaches us the secret of being a being on Earth: for when we live in alignment: true to ourself and share the parts of us with the world to help one another, we benefit all for the greater good by providing a perfect balance between being connected and true to the self with supporting one another. From here comes positivity, peace and happiness.

If you have a problem with this, with being balanced with self love and love for all, the Coriander plant is one to work with as she will teach you her ways. The Coriander plant, as a whole, says: Be you genuinely and see all that is wonderful about you and know it contributes to the world. Use all that you are and be generous with it to support and help one another, for this will bring wholeness to all. You can understand this by eating cilantro and then eating ground coriander. Try both of them one after another and see how they are completely different in taste and benefits for the body, yet are the same in the greater picture as they bring you health and wellness. Then remember they all come from the same place(plant). This is the same as you and me! We are all different with different experiences but in the bigger picture we are here for the same reason and all come from the same thing.

If you are feeling segregated, separated, not confident with expressing your unique gifts and who you are or have a hard time working together/being a part of the team that is humanity/society, sit with the different parts of the Coriander plant: her messages will show you not only you belong, but we all do and we all are here to serve one another and that serving starts by being ourself. She will teach you that we are all one and we understand that by being one person individually.

Coriander seed provides distinctive healing medicine separate from the plant as a whole so along with the healing properties discussed above, the seeds give two additional and very meaningful lessons to teach: first, the coriander seed reminds us to keep it simple. When I sit with the Coriander Seed she tells me: Simplicity brings joy. Simplicity brings divinity. She reminds the complex human experience I make my life to be that all is actually simple. She holds compassion for all that make things more difficult than they need to be and teaches us to choose ease. She reminds us that the best things in life (and the things that leave the greatest impact on the earth and one another) are simple: she has shown me the SUN: for the sun simply shines (on all) and rises and sets day after day with consistency. That is all. The sun does its few jobs and does them well, simply and we all benefit greatly. Coriander shows us how to be like the sun (and the other great simple forces of life). If you are feeling overwhelmed, too complicated, your life is feeling difficult or you are living too much in your head instead of letting things come and flow with ease, surrender to Coriander Seed. She will show you how to live a life full of simplicity and she will remind you that simplicity and ease is bliss: it is not a shortcut and simplicity does not mean you need to cut out the big and meaningful things you have to do/you give to the world. Because the Coriander plant encourages just that (you being you to benefit the world in a large way), she actually shows that simple is better: when we choose ease, big things are able to be done and we have more time and energy. This tends to be a difficult concept for us humans to understand and so, true to her nature, she will teach it to you with ease. I recommend meditating with her daily and watching your life change as you start to get out of your own way and just let life happen with ease.

The second gift of Coriander Seed is she is the medicine of the potential of happiness. Just as an unopened gift waiting for you with your name on it, Coriander Seed holds in her the potential to teach you how to live a life full of joy. She told me she is ““happy medicine for life.” She helps plant the symbolic seed within us to choose positivity over negativity in our life. She teaches you how to take a positive perspective. Think back to that analogy of that unopened gift: anything can be in it, but the fact that you even have a gift (that someone thought to give you something) is the gift. This realization is the medicine that brings pure happiness. If you work with her and stick with her, she will show you to let the negativity go and simply choose happiness, and she will teach this to you in a way that will stick and become a regular habit in your life daily (hence why she is “happiness for life” medicine).

Happiness in our mind brings happiness in our body: specifically in our heart and in our belly. A happy heart bring happy blood: happy blood brings great healing. Coriander Seed has been proven to help balance the blood; she is particularly powerful medicine for diabetes and balancing blood sugar. A happy belly is symbolic of digesting life and accepting all that is. Many of us hold our unhappiness in our stomach: you know that feeling you get in your stomach when something doesn’t isn’t going the way you want? Coriander Seed helps change our perspective that all is right even when it feels wrong. Coriander Seed has been used in various healing traditions from Chinese Medicine to Indian medicine for thousands and thousands of years for digestive medicine. Current research shows what many have known for many lifetimes that Coriander is powerful for digestive health. Use her to ease your belly or aide in stomach and digestion issues.

Most things that are mighty start with a seed: you came from a seed as did the mighty tall trees in the forest as did our powerful friend, Coriander. Seeds provide proof that wonderful things start small and anything can come from something tiny. Coriander Seed, like all things of nature, remind us of the miracles of life. The more we can see things as miracles the more we can surrender to simple happiness and the simple perfection that is being alive.

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