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Tangerine is anti-stress in a bottle. The second you smell her, it is instantaneous relief. Her sweet smell reminds us of the sweetness in life and this dissipates the stress (if only for a second…). Truly, you can smell her when you are stressed, and in the second of a sniff you will forget what you were stressing over. So if your kid is making you want to scream or work is driving you up the wall, Tangerine is a good bottle to have on hand: although she can’t make the outside influences that are causing stress go away, she can help bring change to you on the inside, and it is almost impossible to not smile (even a little smile) when smelling Tangerine.

You see, this is how aromatherapy works: each plant has a series of healing messages to bring: simply seeing the plant or being around it will change your energy, but if you get more intimate with it by smelling it, it will change you mentally (which then affects the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic self too). Within 20 seconds of the smell, your brain is affected and it starts to change. This is true for all essential oils. What is also true for all essential oils is if you put the plant medicine on your skin the effect now goes deeper physically (affecting us from our emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic self as well because everything is connected) and within about 2 minutes the entire plant medicine is in your bloodstream, and in about 20 minutes it is in every cell. So smelling tangerine will pause your stress for a few seconds and start to re-write new thought patterns in your brain and this is powerful. And if you place a few drops of her on your skin, it will work its way throughout your body and go where it needs to go sharing its wisdom, rewriting your DNA and teaching you how to change in positive ways to bring health and wellness to all parts of you.

Using an essential oil is different than eating the plant medicine as food: its form is more concentrated: there is much more plant material in a few drops than actually ingesting one fruit, leaf or seed itself. In addition, the process of making essential oils takes the DNA and immune system of the plant and it gives it to us in liquid form. This is absorbed quickly in the body and goes to different places chewing food can’t. Also often parts of the plant we don’t often eat are used in making the medicine: in Tangerine’s case, her medicine is made from the entire fruit including the rind and seeds. So, I would totally say eat your tangerines, but I also would say use her medicinally and here is why.

Stress can be a way of life. Or it can be a choice. Tangerine teaches us it is a choice. She helps us to make the healthy choice to process, accept and take a positive perspective when life hands us stress. Her brother is Lemon and she is definitely on team “Make lemonade[when life gives you lemons].” All citrus help us to be more positive and in this way are anti-stress and anti-depressants for the brain.

If Tangerine were a person, she would definitely be your adorable, sweet and little( in stature but not of energy or love) friend. She’d be sort of a life coach: telling you all is good and teaching you ways to stay in high vibes. She would make this bliss look effortless the entire time. She’d be the type of person you’d want to hug all the time because they are just so gosh darn cute and positive. When using her as medicine, she will do the work with you like a real coach. Outside circumstances will always be there and most of which we don’t have control: but inside influences, this is where the magic happens. Tangerine helps us with our insides. And she goes way back to helping us even from childhood stress that still lives with us today.

Tangerine is said to be profound medicine when dealing with our inner child. If you are not familiar with the term “inner child” it is a psychological concept that is said to be a part of our subconscious mind that is a subpersonality to our conscious mind and makes itself known in our subconscious mind and actions. Science shows that most of our actions (90 percent of them actually) are subconscious so in this way this inner child plays a large role in our daily behavior. The inner child is said to be the person’s supposed original or true self: the part of us that was sweet and innocent and saw life from a way of positivity and joy: the untainted child full of pure love. However, it is believed that our inner child can be damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences and many of us adults have this issue: we are adults in adult bodies but many of our actions are the result of our hurt little child within. We were wounded when we were little: the joy and innocence was robbed from us in some way and that follows us into adulthood. The thing with this inner child is the wound doesn’t even have to be that big. Did you ever storm off when someone was talking to you? That is inner child (not an adult who can be logical and use wisdom). Did you ever scream because you didn’t get your way? That is inner child (not an adult who can understand the world is meant to be shared by all beings).

Inner child work is powerful because it is often the reason why many of us are self-destructive, self-abusive, negative or stressed. It is why we “act out.” It can really affect us in deep ways wrecking habit on our mental health, our relationships and even be the dictator of the life paths that we chose (that we really don’t want). When you work with inner child work you have the opportunity to free yourself from pain or control of the past and be an adult: but the beauty is not a tainted or angry or negative adult: a adult connected to your original self, one that can live back in the place of innocence and sweetness BUT now with wisdom from life experience. Tangerine helps us to meet our inner child and work with it. This plant medicine (like all plant medicine) will not do the work for you, but will help you to heal and make the journey of growth more clear and of ease. So at the end of the day what comes from this: you gain ownership over those outside forces that you once blamed for your stress and you know how to manage it and keep yourself away from stress so your life too, is one of ease and sweetness.

Tangerine is also deeply cleansing. If you put a few drops of her on a styrofoam cup, she would eat right through it: the cup would disintegrate in front of your eyes. How is this possible? Her medicine is so powerful that she does not allow anything negative to exist in a healthy place: for that reason if you put a few drops of her on you, she will start to “clean up” any negativity that is living inside your healthy, living body. This negativity may be physical from the foods you eat or more emotional or mental from the thoughts or feelings you have. As a result to all of this, she is known to be one of the best essential oils to use for weight loss: not only will she assist in releasing the negativity but in helping keep the body clean she will help change your body’s want for bad or processed foods and drinks.

Tangerines changes are long lasting. She is here to help you for the long haul: not simply to bring relief for a few seconds. She will cheerfully dive deep with you to help but get to the root of the problems and make permanent changes leaving you lighter in all ways.

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