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Mother Earth has a powerful, divine, serendipitous way of taking care of her children. This is because she is a child of the universe and the universe provides perfection and alignment to all. As a result, the Earth provides what we need, when need it. Bergamot’s creation, existence and use is living proof of this.

Bergamot is the love child of the lemon and bitter orange tree. Its genetic origins are ancient: he was created with not the intention of man (hybridized out of curiosity or experiment or research or control), but rather through the intention of the universe. The birds, the bees, and the wind brought these two powerful and healing trees together to create another perfect medicine for the Earth. Their species intermingled through the love of natural order and Bergamot was born.

How powerful is it to know that when the Earth (and its people/creatures) need something, it can be created naturally? How powerful is it to be reminded that through the balanced exchange of two things another thing can be born? How comforting is it to know that we do not need to do anything to allow this to happen accept just be and receive? It makes me think: What plant is being co-created by the Universe on our Mother Earth right now to heal its future people? What else is the universe co-creating to bring what is needed for alignment for us all? This thought allows my soul to feel at ease.

Bergamot was created from a seed created from two separate trees to bring the Earth calm and peace. Two came together to create a third...and this third has helped Earth’s people for many lifetimes in many ways. There are recorded uses of him from up to 5,000 years ago. His lessons are powerful and they start with teaching that the Earth always provides. From conception, Bergamot teaches miracles, surrender, and trust that all will always be provided and anything can happen naturally. He is a wonderful teacher of the human race to relax and to receive and to simply let nature run its course. For this reason, I recommend this medicine for anyone who is trying too hard to have something happen that will happen naturally or for someone who is using something other than nature to manipulate the body, mind, emotions or a situation to heal which can be addressed naturally. Bergamot addresses the control in us: the overexcited or anxious part of us that feels like it needs to do something to make something happen instead of just allowing things to fall as they will naturally and trust the bigger picture of life.

Energetically, for this reason, Bergamot is wonderful for those trying to conceive and forgetting the natural miracle of this action. Physically, Bergamot is deeply detoxifying and is proven to be anti-cancer. He comes in and helps cleanse the body so the body can do its natural thing: heal itself. We tend to forget the body wants to stay alive, it fights to stay alive, and it was engineered to live. More times than not, when we leave things be, the body will naturally run its course and heal itself. Our soul lives in a powerful and perfect self healing and innately wise body. This too goes for our relationships and other issues in our life. Bergamot helps take us back to remember the perfectness of nature and the nature that we are and that all will unfold naturally in the perfect way for alignment for all.

When I “talk to” the plants I typically see them as people, for this is how my soul connects with their messages and make them applicable for me to see and understand. When I sat with Bergamot for the first time (uncoincidentally to Bergamot’s origins and me being unaware of how he was a hybrid) I saw Bergamot as a hybrid: half person, half fruit. When I channeled him, I saw him as an orange wearing a work tie! Every time since that I have sat down to “talk to” Bergamot, I have seen him the same way and every time, this tie wearing orange has had a big, bright smile on his “face.”

Bergamot is what I like to call a “sophisticated orange.” Although he does not look like an orange (he looks like a bumpy lime), his energy brings many of the same healing properties of the orange but he does it in a more serious and mature way. What I mean by this is Bergamot is deeply calming and calming uplifting. He does it in a way that “grown up” meaning he delivers in a responsible, consistent, reliable way. This is not to say the other plants do, but amoung a simple smell of Bergamot you can trust him. Generally, citrus brings us fun and joy and happiness. Bergamot, being true to his citrus roots, does this but he does this in a way that speaks to the adult in us. He calms us when we are overly excited, brings grounding wisdom when we are overly emotionally, and pushes us and encourages us to move and act with responsibility and strength when we are feeling low or depressed. He levels with us and with a gently calming nature he teaches us how to be the mindful, peaceful boss of our life that lives our days full of bliss and ease.

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