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Saint John's Wort

Depression is a silent killer. Its pains are real. Its pains are heavy. It wreaks havoc. It does this mainly because it makes the one who feels depressed feel like they are all alone and they have nothing or no one who can understand: all they have is darkness and that darkness will never go away.

Depression is a tricky disease because it can become a part of the depressed’s “normal” thinking and normal actions and disguise itself so well that the depressed individual does not even realize they are acting out of depression. It is a potent disease that does so many debilitating things. You may choose to eat bad food or drink lots of alcohol or do drugs or not put yourself out there with your dreams or your loved ones, all because of depression yet not realize how you are hurting yourself or others. This is the lure of depression.

Depression likes to set up camp and move into your life and like an uninvited guest out stay its welcome. If you let it, it will do this for years. It is trickster who will hide itself buried deep within you. Depression is not tangible and you cannot literally see it. It’s not like an ulcer in the stomach or heart defect that can be found with some medical tests. Although many physical ailments that can be found in the body are the result of the depression. Often times, we cannot realize that our negative actions that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves are a result of the depression. Although it is not tangible, it is very real.

Depression will do anything to stay with you. It does not want you to be friends with happiness, joy, ease or lightness. It will put blinders on you. It will take you in, and make you feel “comfortable” with its presence. It will say things like

“ don’t need to that, you can just sit here and watch 18 hours of tv instead.”

“Hey you don’t need to try, nothing is going to happen anyway.”

Hey, you do not need to get out of bed, everything you do is not noticed anyway.”

It will help you forget who you are and why you are here on Earth. It will give you excuse after excuse so you do not go out in the world and do or even try. It takes all the belief, faith and hope that a person has and it shoves it away.

Saint John’s Wort is plant medicine that says, “Hey, depression, thank you for sharing, but it is time for you to simply leave.” It is plant medicine that will talk back to the depression when the depressed individual cannot because this person is caught up in the web of depression.

Saint John’s Wort is made from flowers of the brightest yellow. Just looking at these flowers makes you smile: it is an awe-wondering plant with many complexities yet it is divine and blissful and chooses to live with simplicity. This too is true for the brain: it is awe-wondering. It is complex. Yet, in its natural state, it is simple. Simple is divine. Divinity is bliss.

This divine flower walks depression OUT of the body and mind.

Depression is a disease, an imbalance in the chemicals in the brain, and the chemo-types in St. John’s Wort literally and physically work by helping balance back some of those chemicals in the brain that cause depression. St. John’s Wort helps you change when you feel you can’t change. This is because depression will do anything to live inside of the depressed individual. It will make you believe that happiness is not a choice. Saint John’s Wort not only shows you happiness is a choice, but it teaches you how to choose happiness every day.

Depression will make you believe that you are defeated, that you are not capable of change, that you do not deserve to be to be happy. It will make you believe that negative thinking is just how you are: this is just what you were born with. Depression will blur up your brain and do anything to make you actually believe that you are not worthy of happiness. It will also blind you to pains that others can feel from your depression as well. Misery loves company so depression will try its hardest to be sure that you surround yourself with many other depressed and low thoughts, vibrations, and things. It will also try to bring down others around you.

Saint John’s Wort comes in and helps rewire the brain to come back to its natural homeostasis and balanced state. It will provide the tools needed to shift this change for good. This may take time: a few drops will not make these deep rooted imbalances go away. The medicine must be committed to. But it will work deeply to bring back balance and joy. You see, everyone has a fire within them. This fire warms the soul and inspires us to get out and live a life that is full of meaning. Depression snuffs out the fire and brings coldness. Saint John’s Wort lights the fire again.

How do I know all of this? I have been there. I have taken St. John’s Wort. I have healed from depression. Saint John’s Wort has shown me that depression did not have to be my destiny.

In many other parts of the world, St. John’s Wort is what is prescribed for the depressed individual, not Zoloft or other man-made drugs. It works so potently that it cannot be used with other man made medications because they will counteract each other. For this reason, in many countries it can only be gotten through prescription. It is recognized throughout the world for its deep healing effects, and has been for many lifetimes in many cultures. Currently, many studies show it is better for depression as other man made antidepressants for it does not have side effects and it teaches the body and mind to heal and change for the good. In the US, St. John’s Wort is recognized by the FDA as a dietary supplement.

Many depressed people are seen by themselves or others as lazy or pracrasantors: laziness/procrastination is a depressed person’s safe place. As even when the depression starts to subside, the laziness/preocastion remains and makes the depressed person feel “normal” as it was a safe haven in their heavier, depression bouts. Saint John’s Wort helps the depressed find a new safe place: one that is productive and inspiring...that allows the person to feel safe in the world as worthy being who can do great things.

Depressed people are misunderstood. As is the disease. Yet, there are over 300 million people in the world that have this disease and in the USA, about 7% of the US population: about 16 million people have been classified as depressed. If you are not one of them, allow these words to help invite compassion for those who

are suffering. We live in a world where many are suffering, silently. There are a lot of people out there who are simply stuck. The un-depressed may even see these people in ways that they are not really (grouchy, childish, rude, quiet, etc). Depression will take the greatest gifts from a person and turn them into someone they are not. It will rob them of their life.

The most beautiful thing about St. John’s Wort is it is considered a weed: it grows wildly and immensely throughout the world. In more than 20 countries it has been officially categorized as an invasive weed: one that grows “too much’. Mother Earth always provides for her children. This plant grows to help us who are suffering. It is not a weed or a pest: it is here to try to help others learn and grow from their depression. With close to 10% of the world’s population depressed, the gifts of Saint John’s Wort prevalently growing prove that he is here for the people. I truly believe he is a miracle for the Earth. Beautifully, he gets his name as he is known to bloom on the birth date of John the Baptist: John the Baptist is said to be a prophet who blessed to Earth to help “restore all things:” his presence was a miracle to bring things back in order. This flower does the same for us. It will help bring your life back in order like a miracle.

If you are not depressed, Saint John’s Wort has many, many other gifts. He helps your brain come into balance and so helps with stress. He is also known to bring clarity to a blurry mind. Along with this she is medicine for muscle tension, herpes 1 and 2, menopause, and

Special note: When depressed, the depressed person often cannot think clearly. Plant medicine is an intuitive process that will heal for the better: never simply go off your prescriptions---herbs verse essential oils have different potencies; also St. John’s Wort does interact with other prescriptions. It is highly encouraged to talk to a plant medicine worker about this transition to allow the process to be done correctly. It will change you but it must be done with guidance and clarity.

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