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Lessons from the Road

When you make space and time for self exploration, you realize that you've always known yourself, but as you get to know yourself better, the specific things you once thought defined you or brought an understanding of who you are, look more like generalizations. These once details transform to generalizations that make room to get to know yourself more specifically.

This is a deep refining of self, a tuning into yourself in an important way. Whereas before maybe you could say something like "Sex is a very important part of my existence and happiness for it connects me to something outside of myself." That truth, which once seemed so specific and accurate and detailed, can now feel merely general in who you are and how you understand yourself as a sexual being ...for now your understanding of yourself through your sexual nature and connection and happiness means so much more than that and that definition seems so small.

What once was detailed and clear becomes general and that can be both shocking and enlightening to a mind who thought they had themselves all figured out.

A new understanding is made so maybe now you understand your sexual self as a place of importance for connection and happiness but that is just the beginning. You see yourself as a spiritual animal yearning for both physical release and cosmic connection, curious as to what your body and soul can experience with another human. Learning to find patience, truth, freedom and surrender from naked intertwining through love.

What once was a complete statement on self understanding is now just an introduction. And eventually this too will become a simple generalization. The understanding the importance of sex through naked intertwining for cosmic and physical and spiritual teachings is just the beginning. And so it goes on and understandings building on old understandings through experience.

This is what road is doing to me. It allows the opportunity to expand what I thought I knew about myself.

When we make time for self exploration through any outlet we realize we can expand past expansion.

For me, the road and travel is not anything new but "the road" is becoming to mean something more "specific" to me these days and a deeper part of myself knows it is really just a symbolic tool of simply opening my eyes and heart more.

This new blog series is dedicated to lessons from the road. I am excited to have you on the ride!

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