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Plant Medicine for this time we are in!

While everyone is stocking up on toilet paper, what about plant medicine? Mother Earth will always take care of her children. I am excited to be connected to one of the best essential oils companies in the entire world: their oils are the strongest, purest, and most potent, special plant medicines I have ever experienced. They are pure, single grade, beyond organic: hand poured, blessed and at a super high frequency. This is the type of stuff you want to be working with now, for sure (and always).  Because we want to make everything accessible for everyone, we are offering FREE direct shipping to your home on the following oils: the company is offering free shipping on oil orders over $150 but YWS is going to pay for free shipping for you for any order that comes through to help us during this time of need. I am doing this because it feels right: I believe in the plants, I want to help you and I know that abundance will bless you all.   I have been bath-ing myself in these oils daily and I feel safe, strong, wise and supported. I wish the same for you and the world.  If you would like to order any of these oils, please send me an email with your oil order requests and address. To keep things simple, directly pay me here when you send me your email.  I will  confirm I got your money and put in your order. Your plant friends will arrive in 2-3 business days.  Please do the math on the plants you want :) See prices below.  If you would like an oil that is not on this list, we most likely have it: just ask! They have a rare and rich portfolio of close to 300 oils and it is important to let Mother Earth heal us when we need it. If you do have any questions on any oils or anything, also please ask !  *Please note, these advices shared below are only are for pure medicinal oils and so are only applicable to the oils we can provide to you or ones that you know FOR SURE are not diluted or cut with any fragrances, nut oils or anything else. Be careful with what you choose and I highly recommend using the oils I am working with. It took me years to find a trusted company.  My suggestion would be to get  at least one from each of the group if not more and definitely have Black Cumin, Frankincense and Eucalyptus for what is going on right now.  These oils focus on our physical health while supporting us emotional, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Next week I will do a highlight on all the top oils for our mental health during this time period but know all of these are really strong mental health fighters too.  Super Immune System Boosting Plant Friends: ALL essential oils are supportive of the immune system, so use what you have, but in a time like this, my advice would be: Black Cumin:  15 ml: $28  This sacred oil has been written about for thousands of years and is known as a miracle worker and cure-all. It is said to rid us of all diseases. I feel like it is a must in times like these.   A suggestion from the owner of the company:    Take orally first thing in the morning…start with 10 drops a day (if you are not already taking it as a daily tonic) and work up to about 20-25 drops a day over a 7-10 day period, for an average sized adult (5’5”, 130-140 lbs).  Adjust up or down depending upon body mass.  Frankincense: 5 ml: $24 15 ml: $64 She is strong and is known to combat almost anything the immune system tries to put again it. It is important for regular and preventative medicine. She will bring you unwavering stability and spiritual connection to help you surrender and feel strong.  Suggested use: Apply to the soles of the feet (5-7 drops each foot, for the average adult). Adjust as appropriate.  Suggest morning and night. The Conifers keep the immune system nice and strong: Some of the strongest we suggest are:  Red Spruce 15 ml: $35 (She keeps you grounded and present in the moment, not in the future).  Black Spruce 15 ml: $33(She fights any pain you are feeling and helps to rid negativity.) Fir Hemlock: 15 ml: $30 (She says, WE GOT THIS).  Pine Black  15 ml: $29 (She helps release all the darknesses within and creates trust in the third eye).  Pine White 5 ml: $68 (She is wildcrafted and distilled through sacred Native American ceremony and will bring you back to purity and clarity).  Rub up to 10 drops on your feet or wherever you feel. The conifers are a big hug that make you feel safe. They are resilient and strong and will teach you how to be grounded and fight the good fight.  Laurel Leaf: 15 ml $48 This oil is incredible for the immune system and brings in COURAGE to your heart and soul. The anti-inflammatory and strengthening properties of this medicine are huge. She'll give you back your power.  Rosemary (High Camphor): 15 ml $27 Potent for the immune system and our brain, this strong oil will help the soul to remember it is always ok. She has been keeping me sane :)She'll remind you of the peace you have lived before all of this and that you have peace within that cannot be shaken! Respiratory Oils: These oils breath life back into to us, especially when we are stressed, panic, distressed or our lungs are hurting or in danger. They are all made from leaves and help nurture and support your lungs while calming the mind.  *Place on chest, diffuse in your home, rub on the bottom of your feet, place in the shower or tub, steam inhale by adding a few drops in hot water (breathe in and then drink as tea).  Eucalyptus is not only one of the stronger immune system fighters but also top in respiratory health: my advice would be to buy this oil and use it day. There are various types to fit in your price range, all bringing different benefits to keep the immune system strong and fit air-born and respiratory aliments. Eucalyptus Mint: 15 ml $22 Not a blend, but a a pure form of Eucalyptus and Mint, this is deeply opening to respiratory system that is rare and really, really healing.  Eucalyptus Masala: 15 ml $25: Super strong, she always makes me cough. She is a no-joke euvalptyus to give you back your breath and help the lungs be strong.  Eucalyptus Blue Gum 15 ml: $21: Classic, strong, she gives you your breath back deeply and supportive.  Eucalyptus Blue Mallee 15 ml: $29: She smells super sweet and is the Eucalptyus unlike any other that helps you fall in love with yourself.   Myrtle cineoliferum: 15 ml $37 Sort of smells like Icy Hot, and amazing for respiratory disease and as preventive medicine (along with thyroid health), she talks to your heart and helps you take good care of yourself.  Ravensara:15 ml $37 I love this rare oil: not only does she give us back our breath, she helps us  LET GO.You will feel liberated and find your breath again with this plant teacher.  She helps us forget the people and things we need to forget.  Orange Petitgran 15 ml $27: Made from the leaves of an orange tree, she helps not only with respiratory aliments and as preventive medicine, she helps with the hypochondriac, worest-case-scenaro thinking, over worrying mind. She is a must to invite to the party in your mind if it is getting to you!  Magnolia leaf: 15ml $72  This high class, rare and sacred plant friend smells so good and  is gentle in doing some deep healing on the lungs. She is serious healing business and the perfect call for a time like today. She is a reminder that we are all ok and is perfect if you need to believe that in your cells right now. She brings back hope.  Anti-Viral: Aside from Black Cumin and Laurel Leaf, these are plant teachers that are going to not let viruses mess around with you. They are important to keep you  Oregano: 15 ml $34 It is worth smelling like pizza because this plant medicine is strong and cuts out viruses without apology! If this plant was a person they'd be the top graduate in med school.  Mountain Savory: 5ml $18 or 15 ml $44 I call her Mount Save Me, and she will do that for you. A sister to oregano, you can't imagine how strong this plant is and she will give you the boost we all need.  Tea Tree: 15 ml : $29 I have been bathing in this oil: it just makes you feel clean and like you have your life together. It is deeply anti-viral and will help keep you strong.  Clove Bud: Not only will she kick the booty of viruses, she is a love teacher so she will teach you to love your life and find gratitude in this time of need.  Cinnamon Bark: 5 ml $26 (place on soles of feet because she is hot!): This spicy oil kicks it up a notch against viruses, makes your immune system ready for pretty much anything and will get you going as she is an uplifter if you are feeling dread and dark right now.  Black Pepper:15 ml $34  No virus messes with black pepper:) She's like the bully-protector of all stuff physical, mental, and emotional that always has your back.  These spicy friends GET IN THERE and face any virus without fear.  Sore Throat: Sage (True) : 15 ml: $30 It is suggested to apply to the throat and ingest as well: she is a deep cleanser and really helps the throat. She also will help rid you of all the heavy outsider thoughts out there trying to take over you and who you are and what you believe to be true.  High End Oils: I mean, if now is a time to invest in anything, it is our health right? These top three ladies are not cheap but they are serious. They have put a smile back on my face and help me feel and KNOW all will be ok. On a physical level, all three of these oils are known as "cure alls" but they are also deeply healing and sweet to our mental and emotional state... Rose 2 ml $187: The highest frequency: she is as close to LOVE as we get in something tangible. She will infuse you with LOVE and that is priceless. Jasmine 5 ml $173:  So so sweet...she will bring this sweetness back to your life and help you see the sweet side of anything.  Osmanthus: 2 ml: $87 or 5 ml: $214 This is who I am putting on a few times a day and the smell is the most gorgeous flower I have ever smelled. She teaches patience and I am listening (and I am an impatient person). She will do the same for you.  If you have any questions on any of the oils, please let me know. I am here for you!

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