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That time I started distilling my own oils...

Did you know a few weeks ago I went to Utah (5 hours from the airport in the middles of nowhere) and learned how to distill essential oils! I brought 9 batches back and I am excited to share them with you. I also excited to let you know that I will be buying a distiller this year and distilling more oils (and teaching others how to do this) myself! But for now...let's focus on the oils I just brought back..

The first batch I am sharing is all "Recycled Christmas Tree Oil."

. The oil is made from people’s old Christmas trees: instead of them being thrown out, they were made into essential oil for people to enjoy! The intention of this bottle was to reduce waste and bottle joy! 

This is a rare, small batch and I would love for you to experience it. It is next level. 

Christmas Trees bring so much joy to people's lives and memories of the holiday season, but conifer trees are wise and can live hundreds of has always bothered me that these living creatures were  grown, used and killed. It felt wasteful and it turned me off from buying live Christmas Trees (I always bought  potted ones that I later planted). 

This oil is a distillation of people's Christmas Trees  for  Christmas 2023. Note: these trees were taken from homes in Colorado and the trees were  grown out in the wild (not factory farmed trees or with pesitsides or any toxic seeds or energies!)  

This batch was distilled with a combination of Fir Conifers. Not only does this oil hold the intention of teaching to re-use and honor earth and life, it also holds the energy of celebration and memories and togetherness created during the holiday season. 

Fir's benefits include: immune system support, cold, flu, inflammation, wound/burn healing, fungus (athlete’s foot), mucus loosener, asthma, headache, liver/bladder/kidney aid, perspiration, joint pain, mouth sores, cough, sore throat.

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