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Essential Oil Starter Kit

Essential Oil Starter Kit


Valued at $116 this starter kit comes with the 6 "must have" oils + an amethyst crystal for safe travels! This is the perfect way to get started or build your essential oil collection.

The kit includes:

5 ml Frankincense: grounding, spiritually awakening 

5 ml Eucalyptus: respiratory health, truth 

5 ml Rosemary: brain health, memory support, heart health 

5 ml Orange: anti-depressant, detoxifying, uplifting 

5 ml Lavender: sleep, stress relief, calm + peace, hair health

5 ml Peppermint: pain relief, respiratory health, clarity of mind 

1 amethyst crystal: for peace and clarity when using the oils (amethyst is also the crystal for protection and well keep the oils protected)



All oils are hand poured, reiki infused, medicinal qualitiy and organic. 


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