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New Moon Blend

New Moon Blend


Approximately days 1-7 in the moon cycle 

Organic Wild Mint + Lime


New Beginnings | Fresh Start | Intention Settings | Clarity + Focus  | Making Wishes 

Reiki Infused | Hand Poured During the New Moon


The new moon is the time for new beginnings and a fresh start. This blend is to be used the first 7 days of the moon cycle to get clear on a goal, accomplishment or dream you would like to fulfill this month.  The dark sky has little to no light from the moon and so what is visible is the stars: this is the most perfect time to make a wish. The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is the time to start something new. The moon, in this phase, looks like a seed buried deep underground. Every day more light starts to peak out. Just as a seed emerging into a plant begins to grow, the energy of the new moon grows shedding more light on earth every day. Each day, the wish you made becomes more and more a reality. 


Wild Mint is a powerful, attention grabbing, strong, oil (the strongest mint on the planet!) that wakes you up and helps you see clearly. Lime is an inspiring, remind yourself you can do anything, vibrant oil that helps let go of what doesn’t serve you and become the fruits of your labor. Blended together they are a team bringing clarity of what you want and drive to set the intention to put it in fruition.


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