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Pinus sylvestris



Pine plant is one of the strongest plants due to the fact it does not allow other plants to grow near it. Once a pine forest starts to develop, then it gets dominated by the pine only. This strong character of the plant is harnessed in the form of its essential oil and used to cleanse the air and lungs. In specific cases, {ine essential oil is used to bring aliveness, freshness and sooth the muscles. Pine oil is distilled by many people, but most of the distillers distill it from the needles. However this specific bottle of pine uses needles  as well pine fruit which bring more potency to the oil.


Pine makes you feel strong and unstoppable. It teaches healthy boundaries! It helps you to think big and see the bigger picture. 


Pine also benefits respiratory health and the immune system. Pine connects with cleansing the pineal gland and awakens the third eye/center of intuition. 


Other benefits include:

  • Anti-viral/bacterial
  • Used to help heal external wounds such as skin abrasions, cuts, puncture wounds, worms, infections, worms, and respiratory disorders, as a diuretic
  •  Disinfectant
  • Has Vitamin C and sucrose
  • Emotional and spiritual energy cleanser.
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