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Tea Tree

Tea Tree


Melaleuca alternifolia


Organic / Wild Crafted / Distilled with intention, purity and love 


Tea Tree is sort of the one stop first aid oil and definitely one to keep on hand. It is antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It is used for many things including but not limited to herpes 1&2, colds, flu, infections, vaginitis, balancing the thyroid, cuts and scrapes and boost wound healing, fungus, athlete's foot, skin inflammation, dandruff, insect repellant, and a natural deodorant. 

It helps open you up! It is a decongestant so it helps you breathe and take in all that is life. Spiritually, it is inspiring fostering creativity and helping you express yourself without inner criticism or mental or emotional blockages.  


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