Wintergreen says, "Take my hand. No more procrastinating. No more simply talking about what you want to do. No more  "talking it out". Let's go. Let's experience. Let's try. Let your heart lead the way. Let the brain take a breather. Let's live. Words plant the seed but our feet (our actions) they are the food that makes the seed grow into a beautiful flower."


Wintergreen has "home" energy.  She'll motivate you but make you feel safe and secure along the way. She is a cooling and stabling breath of fresh air as you walk through the journey of your life. 


Gaultheria Fragrantissima Wall (Nepal), also known as Wintergreen, facilitates and helps with inflammation and pain. She is highly analgesic and great for joint pain and muscle pain. Trust her to relieve  pains (phsyically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). She will teach you what to do to let go and release so these pains causing us tensions can leave.


Through this,  she helps you become comfortable in your own skin: our skin changes as we change: skin eruptions/break outs/rashes are a reaction of letting go of something repressed within that has hurt us: it comes to surface. Wintergreen heps them leave completely.


Wintergreen is a cardiac tonic.  She opens the heart and lets love live. 


Emotionally and spiritually, she is about leading the way, with actions, not words. Surrender to Wintergreen and let her take you where you are supposed to go. Learn through action as she holds your hand as you take action to live your life in real time (not in your head). 


Chakras: Root, Heart

Doshas: Kapha







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