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Just as there are many different types of ice cream, there are many different types of yoga. Just like you might not like every type of ice cream, you may not like every type of yoga. In the same, if there are certain flavors of ice cream that are not your favorite, it does not mean that you don't like ice cream. Some yoga classes might not be your style + that doesn't mean you don't like yoga. Unfortunately, we do not sell ice cream, but we do sell yoga + we some great "flavors" that are worth a try. 


Yoga With Shawna provides many different types of yoga classes all targeted to do different things. What is your style + what is your preference? Read the descriptions below to get an understanding of the best class for you. 

All of our classes are ALL LEVELS, therapeutic based and beginner friendly.  All are welcome + no experience is needed. The teachers will provide modifications and you can move as you wish (slower or faster or skipping poses all together) to meet your body’s needs. Yoga With Shawna is a safe, nonjudgement place that knows that yoga is more than just exercise: is an outlet for complete health and well being teaching you to connect with and balance your mind, body and soul.

Yoga for Peace + Relaxation

Peaceful | Calm | Rejuvenated | Restored | Relaxed | Chill

This calming + restoring mindful moving yoga class will leave you feeling peaceful, relaxed and calm. The practice is gentle, focused at restoring the body, bringing relaxation and peace to the mind and soothing the emotions. We will move simply and gently, slowly restoring the body. Movements will be mindful and focus on releasing the tension and stress that is built up in the body. Students should come to this class to [try to] to relax [we know it can be hard for some of us] and feel less stressed. This is a Gentle Hatha Yoga class. 

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: ​

  • Releases tension 

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Brings mental clarity

  • Reduces pain

  • Slower aging process

  • Overall increase in health and happiness

Yoga for Energy

Energizing| Focused | Flowing| Alert| Movement | Flexible

This energizing movement based yoga class will wake you up leaving you feeling focused, alert and more flexible in your day ahead. You will move + breathe to energize the body. We will get the blood flowing, while strengthening the muscles and releasing tension.  You can expect movement and flow in this class. This is a Vinyasa  Yoga class.

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Increases body strength 

  • Enhances emotional intelligence 

  • Strengths the mind

  • Relieves back + neck pain

  • Clears the mind

  • Improves energy

  • Helps metabolism 

Yin Yoga + Sound Healing

Slow | Still| Deep Stretch| Meditative| Restorative |Calm

This is an amazing class that combines yoga + sound healing to leave you feeling relaxed, calm and balanced. You will be led through various yin yoga poses while also experiencing sound healing to balance the mind and body.


Yin Yoga is a restorative style of yoga that focuses on holding seated, prone or supine poses for at least 3 minutes. This class focuses on deeply stretching the body, sitting with the self and surrendering. It is an excellent style of yoga for healing chronic issues in the hip and back and also teaches you to let go and be patient.


Sound Healing is the use of various instruments like gongs, sound bowls, and percussion to bring balance to the chakras, mind and body: it is healing music for both the body and soul.


Together this a magical class!

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Increases patience 

  • Releases tension 

  • Reduces pain

  • Slower aging process

  • Reduces depression + anxiety

  • Manages weight

  • Eases arthritis pain

  • Helps back + neck + hip pain 

Candlelight Yoga

 Peaceful| Zen| Calming |Relaxing | Stress-Release | 

Our favorite night time class, where we set up lots of candles to let the dim flame of a natural candle set the space for relaxing. We also set up a star projector for a dreamy, twilight feel. This relaxing and slow moving yoga class will help you  unwind after your day. The perfect class to help you transition to calm for a restful night's sleep. 

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Increased strength and flexibility

  • Releases tension + chronic pain

  • Fights stress, anxiety + anger

  • Improves sleep 

  • Relieves pain

  • Clears the mind

  • Brings peace of mind

15 Minute Meditation

Brain Balancing| Reflective|Contemplative | Meditative | 

In this class, we will meditate for mental peace and balance. . This classes  is a short 15 minutes but research has  proven that meditating and reflecting on what you meditate with for even 5 minutes has a huge effect on your mental health. Meditation has  a variety of benefits including (but not limited to): Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage your stress,  increasing self-awareness, focusing on the present, reducing negative emotions and increasing imagination and creativity.

Sound Healing Meditation

Brain Balancing| Reflective|Restoring| Meditative | 

A powerful and deeply healing meditation where you will lay down or sit in meditative posture and experience the deep healing of various sound instruments. It is an orchestra for your cells! Sound healing is said to be the deepest and quickest way to bring profound healing in holistic medicine: your job is just to lay back and let in! Sound instruments played in the meditation include (but are not limited to):gongs, tuning works, koshi chimes, rain sticks, drums, crystal sound bowls and Tibetan sound bowls. Sound healing heals the cells, reprograms the DNA and re-write stories of the subconscious while calming the mind and body. It releases stress and brings balance to the mind and body and soul.


Feel free to ask the teachers or staff any questions at any time, but  here are some commonly asked questions for people new to yoga. 

I am complete beginner. What class should I go to?

All of our classes are beginner friendly so we suggest reading the list of classes and see what stands out to you. Look at your schedule + see what fits. Trust your gut + try something new. The 15 minute meditation + 30 minute yoga class are great beginner classes because they are shorter in time but any class you pick, ask the teacher any questions. We are here for you. 

I want to relax and calm my mind. What class should I go to?

Yoga for Peace + Relaxation, Candlelight Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sound Healing Meditation + the 15 minute + 30 minute meditation classes are perfect for  de-stressing and calming your mind. 

I want a work out. What class will be the best for that?

Check out Yoga for Strength + Flexibility, Yoga for Power + Sweat and Yoga for Energy are sweaty and movement based classes! 

What if I cannot do some of the poses?

This is normal for a number of reasons. 90% of students do not do the poses exactly as they are taught and it is fine! Every person's body is different and have different histories. The poses will look differently on everyone. Yoga teaches you to get to know your body + move your body in ways that make it feel good. For this reason, you can do any modification or version of the pose that meets your body where it is : do what you want on the mat that makes you feel good. Feel free to ask the teacher other ways to do the pose, to skip poses,  or to do something different. The focus is to HELP your body (not hurt it). The studio is a judgement free zone that encourages you to take care of your unique body by making decisions on how to get to know your best to give it what will nurture it. The teacher will provide modifications + options and all you need to do is call us over and we can help!

What if I can't keep up with the pace of the class?

You can take breaks or skip things. You can even just go to child's pose, lay on your back for a rest, or sit. We joke that the studio is a place where adults come for "nap time." As long as you are not hurting yourself or distracting others from their practice, all is welcome here. 

What if I am bored? 

If you are a person who has a hard time relaxing then you can get bored in a yoga class. A healthy body + mind needs balance, both the yin + yang and fast + slow. Maybe you are not bored but rather learning how to relax and slow down. Yoga, at the end of the day, is a class that teaches you about YOU and who you are and how to take care of you best. 

I am intimidated + nervous. Should I still come?

Yes! Most people are the first time. This is all the more reason to come. It is good to stretch your emotional stuff by puttng yourself in situation that are safe and good for you but intimidating. Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It has stood the test of time for a reason. 

I am tight and not flexible. Should I still come?

Where else would you go? Yoga classes help release tension and help you to become flexible. What better place to be then there? Side note: most people are tight and not flexible, including Shawna, the owner of the studio. That is why it is important to stretch. 

I do not know what I am doing. Should I still come?

Yes. You are coming to a CLASS which means we will teach you what to do. 

I am not good at yoga. Should I still come?

There are million excuses people make to not do something. It actually takes less energy to just do the thing you are making excuses for. There is no such thing as being good at yoga. It is not a sport or competition. It is hygiene + needed for your body + mind. Most doctors + therapists will recommend it. 

Yoga for Strength + Flexibility

Strong | Confident | Flexible | Limber | Movement | Fun

In this more active class, your body will be instructed to move in ways to help nurture both strength and flexibility. You will move and strengthen  all of your muscles: largely focusing on legs, core, and arms while also helping the body to gain dexterity and flexibility releasing tension that may be held in the muscles ligaments and joints throughout the body helping all areas of the body and specifically focusing on the neck, shoulders, the back, hips, and knees. This is a Vinyasa-Hatha Yoga Fusion class focused on strength, movement and heart opening.

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Increases strength and flexibility

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduce depression

  • Improves the immune system

  • Improves balance

  • Improves heart health

Yoga for Power + Sweat

Strength| Sweat | Challenge| Power| Detox| Confidence

This is the Kick-Your-Butt-Yoga class that will leave you feeling challenged, strong, and probably sweaty. Although we are not a heated studio, we will get the body moving building internal heat that will leave you feeling detoxed and lighter. This class will test your endurance, build your strength and help you find your power. You will strengthen mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is a Vinyasa Yoga class. 

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Makes the body  flexible 

  • Releases tension 

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Brings mental clarity

  • Reduces pain

  • Slower aging process

  • Increase quality of life

  • Builds a strong core

 Yoga + Breathwork

 Breathe| Move| Connect |Relax | Present | Centered

Breath is an extremely important part of yoga and so this class focuses the attention on breathing while moving through various yoga poses. The class will be mindful + purposeful. We will discuss proper ways to breathe and connect the breath to the movement. We will move slow and stay present. The class will strengthen the body + lungs while relaxing the mind. Poses will help you connect the mind and body. From here you will feel grounded + centered. 

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Brings mental clarity

  • Reduces pain

  • Slows the aging process

  • Overall increase in health 

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves balance

  • Brings clarity 

  • Balances energy 

30 Minute Yoga 

Balancing| Centering|Grounding | Stress-Release | 

A little goes a long way with self care. This 30  minute yoga class is quick and to the point providing a well rounded stretch to release tension in the body + bring mindfulness and connectedness to the spirit. It is grounding and centering to help you feel balanced + present in your day while releasing tension + building flexibility. 

There is a plethora o research supporting the effects of yoga. Some benefits you can experience in this class are: 

  • Increases strength and flexibility

  • Helps with the aging process

  • Makes the body feel light + balanced

  • Brings happiness + confidence

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves overall health + energy 

30 Minute Meditation

Brain Balancing| Reflective|Contemplative | Meditative | 

This 30 minute meditation class will use various meditation strategies to focus the mind + clear the thoughts. You will be guided to meditate in a seated or laying down position to invite peace + calmness to the mind. There is a plethora of rsearch supporting the benefits of meditation. Research suggests that meditation may help people manage symptoms of conditions such as: Anxiety, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic pain, Depression, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Irritable bowel syndrome, Sleep problems, Tension headaches + more.

Gong Meditation

Brain Balancing| Spiritual | Cell Restoring| Meditative | 

Get rocked in this powerful meditative experience: you will be led through a meditation with the sound of various powerful gongs. The vibration from these healing tools work quickly to slow the brainwaves down to a relaxing state. You will leave feeling harmonized, balanced, and connected. Gongs are said to release negative energy and leave you cleansed, restored and balance. All you need to do is lay down and receive.

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