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Plant Vibes

We are all vibration. Certain vibrations make beautiful music together. Others just go flat. Everything that you connect with will vibrate with you. Sometimes the frequencies won’t mesh. Listen to yourself. Surround yourself with vibes that resonate.

Sit with your plant. Everything is vibration so use this knowledge when deciding what medicine you should take. Listen to the plant: Is it vibrating on your level? Does it vibrate a message you need? Only you can hear and feel this, so pay attention and surround yourself with only the vibes that serve you.

The following plants are known to have healing components in relation to anxiety and depression---they all vibe “peace of mind.” Each plant works differently for different people (it’s like choosing which sport you want to play---all have benefits but different sports serve different people.) Note this is also one list: there are many, many plants that bring healing for anxiety and depression. The plants here on Earth are here for its people!

In the same, many people have different experiences and felings of anxiety. Some need to use FIRE to burn out the aniexty; others need a gentle touch. What I’m sharing is the plants that worked/are working for me.

How do you find your perfect plant vibrations? First, look around. Whatever is literally in your cupboard or growing outside your door is most likely what you need. Second, notice what plants are talking to you--this is list may speak to you. Ask around and do some research and you’ll find your perfect matches. Here is a starting point:

Note this list does not include Mr. Rosemary and Mr. St. John’s Wort as they got their own blog entries:

Lavender: Sweet, sweet lavendar: this vibration just makes you smile. When you smell him, it brings up that feeling you get when someone you love hugs you or you wrap a warm towel around you after getting out of the shower.

Chamomile: He speaks of happiness and sunshine. His vibration let's you know light is coming (and actually, it's already here).

Skull Cap: He’s the bad ass that vibrates away all the bull shit related to anxiety. He provides a striaght up sigh of relief.

Hops: He’s the vibration that says: HEY! Grab my shoulders--I’ll hop you right out of this anxious miss. He literally bounces you away from all negative vibes.

Valieran Root: Smell him and you’ll know he’s no joke. He’s one potent vibration that gives the 1-2-Knock-Out punch of anxiety. For some people, this herb is so super strong, it puts them right to sleep.

Plantain Leaf: He’s the comforting councilor reminding you you’ve been here before and you’ll get through it. He’s just an understanding vibe of energy.

Lemon Balm: She’s the umbrella for the rain, keeping you dry, inspiring the sun to come back out again. She makes you as comfortable as you can be in all this down-pour of emotions while really being that one beam of light shining through a mess of grey clouds.

Passion Flower: This plant’s karmic person is remind the members of the earth to connect with God, find your passion or life’s purpose and use this to protect you from negative vibrations. He takes you back to your creative core and motivates you to find purpose. Note: Passion Flower never served me (he would have 7 years ago the first time I fought anxiety as I didn’t know my purpose) Now I do and living this purpose, as a yoga teacher I feel I needed to talk about him and provide him to my students.

Note, too, that you may out grow these plants and their help--just like you out grow relationships in your life. For example, I was taking Valerian Root for weeks. Now I don’t need him anymore.

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