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How To Use Plants as Medicine

You can probably guess what I’m going to say because it’s been a re-occuring theme, so of course, listen to your self---no one knows you better than you (not one doctor--i promise!) so however you feel urged to take your herbs, I suggest you do it.

I’d advise against not smoking them though as you don’t want to hurt your lungs (your body is your temple!) Choose vaporizing or smudging over inhaling smoke if you want to invite in the air and fire elements to your healing.

Just being with your herbs is enough: have them planted in planter in and around your house. They will vibrate their healing all around you and make you feel safe.

Hold them or carry them with you. You don’t need to ingest them---they will work just as crystals do; their energy will mesh with your energy by just holding it. Put it in your hair (I used to do this with rosemary when I was feeling over-the-top nuts). You can stick them in your purse or bag. For thousands of years, people wore medicine bags around their neck and kept their medicines with them. Get a medicine bag. They are fashionable now too.

Drink them as a tea. I suggest powdering them (use a coffee bean grinder) and mix them with water and drink them. This will give you a more potent tea. I also suggest drinking your tea room temperature if you are feeling depleted (the heat from the tea requires extra energy from your body to bring it down to body temperature for digesting). If you’re feeling cold. your body temp is lower or you just need a warming feeling, then drink your tea warm. I also suggest making sun tea---let nature put all of its vitamins into your drink! Stick the herbs in a glass container, leave it covered in the sun for a day, and then drink up.

Swallow them down as pill forms. It’s quick and gets into your bloodstream efficiently.

Use them as essential oils. Essential oils are the oils extracted from the plant which are the immune system of the plant. They keep the plant healthy so they will do the same for you. You can ingest them, rub them on your body or smell them. I’m pretty much a walking apothecary. I leave my rosemary-lavender smell every where I go---not for aesthetic reasons but for the sheer fact I need the smell to inspire my brain (that’s how the oils work---they can get into the bloodstream and/or send a message to the brain through your olfactory-system).

Cook with them. The one’s that aren’t super mediciney like rosemary , chamomile, and lavender, you can eat. Add them to your food. I put them in my smoothies and sometimes I’ll just pick a purple flower off of one my rosemary plants and chew it down. It tastes good.

Take a tincture. A tincture is a liquid concentrated formula of the plant’s medicine. You can get them in glycerin or pure alcohol. You can also make them easily. Get a glass jar, stick in your herb (i like to powder it), pour alcohol or glycerin over top, shake every day for at least 2 weeks (the longer the better) and then strain out the herbs using a cheesecloth. You can add some water or not. Take a few drops and feel healed. Note: there is a more scientific way to do it, but in my opinion it’s not needed. Trust yourself. Call in your inner medicine woman or man self!

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