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To anyone out there feeling anxious or depressed...everything-is-temporary. everything-is-temporary. everything-is-temporary.

I promise, one day, you'll forget what it is like to feel this way (even if you felt it repeatedly over and over again for what has felt like every day in your life). You will forget that pain and disturbance. You will forget the worry. The smiles will replace the stomachaches. It will go away. Even if you don't feel this way today, I am here to promise you---because I have been through this "too many" times, of course that feeling will leave. Of course it will...

But again, everything is temporary---We have to honor that everything-is-temporary.

So, when that emotion comes back to say hi, just like an ex-lover who one time served a purpose in your life, you'll be able to acknowledge the feeling because of that strong connection you once had together, but you'll also be strong enough to not hang with it too long: because you'll quickly remember what it was like to be in that space, with that energy and you'll also remember that you have the power to forget and walk away because you have done this before, and so you will walk away. The attachments of hanging with negative feelings will go away.

Anxiety and depression are teachers: but don't ever forget that we out grow our teachers...(remember elementary school how each year you got smarter and moved on to another classroom with a new teacher to show you new things so you'd get wiser and wiser.)

Happiness, contentment, laughter and passion are teachers trust your life because nothing is permanent and all we can do is learn and evolve.

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