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Mercury is retrograding. It's going to be a good one: I promise.

Mercury is the planet associated with the mind and communication: When a planet retrogrades, the position of energy is shifting, the planet is in a different space in correlation with Earth, and we can feel it. When Mercury is in retrograde (because it is the planet that rules the mind and communication): we must be very mindful.

For this retrograde we must:

*Pay attention to our thoughts

*Write/journal any ideas that come up

*Nurture our creativity so more ideas break through

*Think/reflect/make plans and good decisions

*Be ready and open for self-evolvement, AH-HA moments and revolutions!

*Create powerful, healthy, long term goals

*Come to peace with what you want and then craft a way to make it happen

This retrograde is about mindfully thinking and setting long-term goals: it is not about DOING: we must take our time and think about what we want and create a clear plan to get it. Use the new few weeks to meditate, get to know your thoughts and head and then come up with something great that you want and the world needs. Then, after retrograde, put that plan into action.

Here are important dates in the Mercury retrograde period and ways to help get that plan into action:

April 13th-16th – Sun conjunct Uranus and then the next day Venus goes stationary direct while conjunct Chiron and square Saturn. Today through Sunday is going to be epic because it is a time of growth based on the past few days: change, breakthroughs, liberation,'s an evolutionary time, all the confusion and heady-ness you may have felt is now all coming together as you have "AH-HA" moments: smile and laugh at yourself if you feel fear or blockages coming up and remember, now is the time to evolve and it is super special because it is happening RIGHT NOW: the universe is literally supporting this.

April 16th-21st – Sun trine Saturn Retrograde, Sun and Mercury trine North Node, Sun conjunct Mercury.Astrologists call this the "most revelatory period of this retrograde." Anything going on in your life at this time is showing you what can come, so set some long term goals and mediate on them to be sure how to get them. This retrograde is supporting us in helping our dreams come true: our thoughts literally manifesting into reality. Mediate during these days, daily! What is going on in your life and what do you want for the future? Set the goal.

April 23rd/24th – Mercury trine Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius. Use your mind to revisit any work started previously or the thoughts/long term goals you set last week. The universe will provide you new insights at this time and so pay attention to your ideas and schedule some time to meditate and sit with yourself so your ideas can be clearer.

April 27th/28th – Mercury conjunct Uranus. The energy of these two planets combined is the best for any sort of inventive thinking. Considering the retrograde, there is greater potential for flashes of insight, and creative ideas: write them down and nurture them!

May 3rd/4th – Mercury finishes retrograde and goes stationary direct. Now and over the coming weeks is the time to start applying yourself in alignment with whatever insights, revelations, ideas you have had and lessons you have learned during this retrograde. The seed has been planted so now get out there and start watering and feeding your plant :) The Summer and Fall are here to support your long time goal and see it blossom into a reality.

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