Life is a love story.

To me, life is a love story, the entire thing:

from the second the soul looks down on Mama Earth and picks which two soulmates in “skin clothes” will be its physical vessels to create its own human form of existence through being its parents

to the first time of all the first times experienced in this body

to the processing and not processing of emotions

to the hurt

to the healing

to the laughing

to the crying

to the society-dictating-way to experience life

to the journey to the self recognized and re-recognized

to the last breath in the physical skin-home that housed the soul

Every second of this physical body’s existence in correlation with the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies that defines the individual that helps bring them back to the light that we all are is an epic story of love and finding love in and outside the self.

Life is a true once-upon-a-time-happily-ever-after novel and each moment of life is constantly telling a story of love day by day, chapter by chapter, second by second, line by line...

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