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If Geranium was a person, she’d totally be a woman: a really, really, really beautiful woman. You would look at her and think “She’s just so pretty” and you wouldn’t feel jealous or unworthy, because she’s the kind of beauty that vibrates inspiration and love. If she were your friend, she’d be that friend that always supports you: never lets you down or says something that makes you feel like you can’t do something or did something wrong. She would always simply love you and be there for you, showing you the beauty that resides deep within you in your thoughts, actions and everything you do.

Luckily plants can be our friends. They want to be. All we need to do is ask them by inviting them into our body or our environment. Have a geranium plant in your home or bathe yourself in a pure essence of her. She will teach you her ways.

Geranium smiles and says “I LOVE YOU.’ She is simply and easily there to hold your hand all of the time when love is needed, but is best specifically through “right of passage” moments of your life. As you change, she show you how to change operating only from a place of love which allows the transition to be more smooth.

A rite of passage is a pivotal part of a person’s life (the butterfly emerging from the cocoon). These times are often birth, puberty, marriage, having children, and death. Rites of passage provide life teachings designed to strip individuals of their original roles and prepare them for new roles: this can be tough so Geranium is there to make it easier with love.

  • There are 422 species of Geranium showing that love is diverse, abundant, in many forms, and is infinite: 4+2+2=8. Eight is the number that represents infinity. In a world where love can seem finite, she shows you that is an illusion. Love is everlasting and everywhere.

  • She is found in more temperate regions of the world. The temperate regions of the world occur in the middle latitudes so where she most commonly grows, she is the vibration of balance and center in the center/midline of earth. For this reason, she works as a love balancer: teaching you how to give and receive, “come down” if you are too high in love, and “come up” if feelings of love are bringing you down.

  • She can also be found in the mountains of the tropics. Geranium medicine grown here embodies the high level frequency that is love as it grows in high elevation.

  • Water is the element associated with emotions. She can grow in virtually any soil (as long as it isn’t watered down) showing that love can go everywhere as long as it is not saturated in emotional heaviness. She will grow the love within you as she teaches you to not be burdened by your emotions.

  • She is easy to reproduce: through seed, cuttings or division. These show love can happen and be born in many ways.

  • It is said “growing a geranium plant is easy (for the most part, she can be indoors or outdoors) as along as you give her what she needs (food (water) and sunlight).” The same teachings stand for love: give it LIGHT and nurture it and it will easily and abundantly grow. Love is low-maintenance, as is this plant. She will blossom as will love with just a little attention. She shows how love, too, brings ease into your life.

  • Her colors are: white, pink, purple or blue. Dependent on the medicine of the Geranium you are using her color will bring in a specific healing vibration through this color therapy. White bringing purity, pink bringing forgiveness and awakening the heart chakra, purple awakening spirituality and the crown chakra, and blue connecting the third eye for trust.

  • Her flowers have five petals: five connects with the planet of Mercury, and so she helps with communication.

  • She has long been used as a medicine. In South Africa, she was and is still used today by the indigenous people to treat respiratory disease. She, as love, reminds you of your breath. She will connect you with it when your breath has been taken away.

  • Egyptians have long used her for the skin as a beauty product. She will help make your skin beautiful keeping your skin clear. She helps with tissue repair and regeneration.

  • She is good for you if you have acne

  • She helps fight wrinkles: she tightens facial skin and slows down the effects of aging so she makes you look (and feel) young!

  • She will reduce skin inflammation and congestion

  • She is good for dermatitis and , eczema

  • She reduces scarring: she helps our physical scars go away or fade, and emotionally, she will do the same for us on where we’ve been scared in our past.

  • You can eat her (she’s delicious) and doing so will bring the taste of LOVE to your platte.

  • She balances hormones: is great for PMS, pregnant woman (is said to help fight anxiety during labor!) and menopause.

  • She helps alleviate depression.

  • She helps release anxiety.

  • She helps with Athlete's Foot.

  • She is a muscle calmer fighting aches, cramps and muscle pains. She does so softly with a light, loving, feminine touch gently allowing the muscles to release all they’ve been holding on to.

  • She is a diuretic so she helps promote urination (and release).

  • Research shows she has “impressive anti-neuroinflammatory effects” which is brain medicine helping with (and being preventative medicine for) alzheimer's and dementia. Energetically, she uses the highest potency medicine there is: LOVE to help you always remember who you are and where you are.

  • She is anti-inflammatory so is helpful with arthritis and heart disease.

  • She is a Bug Bite Healer (and Bug Repellent)

  • She softens your heart and your world.

  • She invites grace and pure love and compassion into your fourth chakra.

  • She awakens on many levels and is perfect for morning harmony starting your day off with balance and beauty.

  • She strengthens your immune system to be strong during times of transition. She is anti-bacterial and fights 24 different types of bacteria and fungi. She is soft but strong and will help you to stay the same.

  • She celebrates love and is associated with all things in the heart. For this reason she affects our blood (The alchemy of our spirit). Research has shown she helps with stopping bleeding.

  • She is the vibration of beauty: shows you the deep beauty in everything through the lenses of love and is connected with Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty. Call on her when you feel or see the you or any parts of the world as ugly.

My favorite ways to use Geranium:

  • I love spraying her on my face when I am feeling like I need a pick-me-up. She says “Hey beautiful! Wake up.” And then I say, “Ohhh yeah.”

  • I use her as a “toner” and rub her directly on my face every day as I am doing my facial regimen. I don’t use beauty products to take care of my skin: I use pure essences and she is one of them. She makes me feel beautiful in that way but as you read about has a lot of benefits for skin health.

  • I love taking hot baths with her and some salt. It helps me release while seeping in love and compassion in every cell of my body (literally).

  • I pour 10 drops a day of her on me when I am going through something HUGE in my life, transforming and changing.

  • She’s my go-to when my hormones are making me feel NUTS. I’ll drink her in a tea or simply rub her in on my womb.

  • I’ll use a spray on my dogs (it helps with fleas/bugs, makes them feel extra loved (and will calm the barking) and is specifically helpful my dog who is going through heart failure)

Copyright, Yoga With Shawna, 2018

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