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Basil graces Earth with her presence as she potently untangles the the experiences of our past that negatively affecting our present by allowing those memories to be cleansed and release and the body, mind and spirit be brought back into balance to allow room for calm, joy, health, and clarity. Her timeless energy allows healing to happen that affects our past, present and future selves: allowing us to let go, be present, and be blessed in what is to come.

This green, vibrant tasty ball of energy is so much more than an herb on your pizza.

Food is medicine, and the Basils show us this again and again by the gifts they gives us. Most of us know Basil as a common herb found in many kitchens and meals. She is popular for her taste and culinary uses but her uses as medicine are potent and vast. Eating her daily will bring you great benefits, and using her an essential oil will magnify those benefits in a deep way. As a NJ girl who grew up in an Italian family, Basil was a staple in my home. In this way, she was always with me, and now as I use her as medicine, I understand why.

I was an anxious, worrier from as far back as I can remember. Anxiety was something I learned to repress as it played a daily role in my life. Hyropcondric thoughts, “what if scenarios” and worst-case-ever ideas were frequent in my mind. I’d hold my nerves in my stomach and would often have stomach pains, nausea and digestive issues. Many decisions in my life were made out of fear which held me back from living the life I truly wanted.

As I became older, the anxiety couldn’t hide, and it expelled itself through panic attacks. These episodes brought on more fear. I repressed the anxiety with numbing myself: instead of knowing and loving myself, understanding what this dis-ease was that aled me, I would distract myself with bad relationships, technology, overworking, drinking, and partying...this only made the anxiety heighten. This then led me to state of depression and not wanting to do anything. The manic behavior bounced from fear to sadness in an intense way. I think I felt a version of this for a good twenty years. Looking back, now working on myself daily to never live in this nightmare again, I wonder how I lived this way and how my resilient body handled all these nerves and emotional exhaustion. When I met Basil as medicine, I understood how she was an angel aiding me ever so slightly pushing me towards my healing. Every bite of pasta or pizza where Basil had a presence, she was talking to me and although my ears couldn’t hear her, slowly but surely my brain did.

You see, all things talk to us and what we need is right under our nose: sometimes it takes us years (or even decades) to realize, but the more conscious and awake we become, the more we can see, hear and appreciate that the Earth is here for us to help heal us and we are always taken care of and that most times (if not always) we have everything we need. If you are an anxious or depressed person and the story I just shared resonated with you, look in your kitchen right now. I bet Basil is there waiting for you to eat, smell or hold, so she can teach you her ways.

The Basils have been said help with “almost any ailment that humanity has come up against.” You can find her throughout the world for this reason. She is here to serve the people mentally, physically, emotionally and spirituality. Rearrange the letters in her name and you will see she is a guide that “bails” you out of trouble.

Brain Balancer:

Basil brings deep healing on the mental and emotional level through harmonizing the brain. She is cephalic: this means she is brain balancing on all levels. She is a nervine and will “calm the crazies.” (That’s a professional term I picked up in Jersey.) She is anti-depressant and will bring you back to a neutral path where you feel motivated to explore your inner joy. She brings mental clarity allowing us to potently see straight. She aids in stress release, feelings of melancholy and mental fatigue. Her green color is pure heart chakra medicine connecting the brain back to love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding and this results in calming the nerves, releasing the worry, and bringing the opportunity for positivity back into our thought patterns.


Basil shows her face as medicine when we are ready to release. She detoxies you on a three dimensional level. She works as a potent liver detox as she is a blood purifier and cleanses the gallbladder. Use her when you are cleansing. She helps the organs process and the emotions release. She will leave you “cleaner” physically, emotionally, and spiritually particularly bring back confidence, strength, passion and creativity releasing anger and fright.

Physically, there is not much she can’t help with. Some of her healing powers include:

  • Inflammation

  • Pain Relief

  • Rheumatism,

  • Muscle congestion

  • Bladder inflammation

  • Gout

  • Prostatitis

  • Irregular heart rhythms

  • Lungs and bronchial issues

  • Dulling skin and hair

  • Migraines

  • Cuts, Wounds, and Skin Infections

  • Blood Circulation

  • Metabolic Functions

  • Scars

  • Spains

  • Spasms

  • Burns

  • Surgery Recovery

  • Bloodshot Eyes

  • Prevents vomiting (especially for motion-sickness)

  • Itching/Insect Bites and Stings

She is also highly anti-viral. Take her when you feel a physical imbalance or an imbalance coming on.

Why is this herb so powerful? How does she do it? Well, she told me all these healing powers come back to one thing: letting go of the past. As humans we hold on to so much: we relive parts of our life that are worth forgetting and we let them dictate and blur our reality. On a stronger energetic level, we have karmas from past experiences that hold us often times in pain until we are ready to learn our lesson, evolve and move forward. The Basils are here as tour guides to the past, showing you what you need to move forward in health so you can enjoy your present and future.

Past Life Regression Work:

Basil is one of the most potent plant medicines (specifically in its essential oil form) to use for past life regression. It helps the soul remember all it knows. The Basils speak to us through through helping us access different forms we were through “mental” time travel. Rub basil on your feet, third eye or crown; ingest; smell and “rake” through your aura. Energetically, the Basils bring you deep into your soul.

Meditate with Basil and she will take you on a journey allowing you to read the pages of your lives: the epic tale that is the soul’s experience that lives within you. She is known for guiding you through past life healings: this can mean both bringing you back to the “past lives” you lived in this lifetime (i.e. older versions of yourself that you have evolved from but still hold on to some of the old habits from) and past lives from previous lifetimes (if you believe in this). She will bring you answers, reminding you what were you or what you lived and show you how you on hold to these things today and they impede you. She will allow you to see why and then give you the stamina to move forward. In the same, she will show you all the beauty and strength that you have lived before and remind the soul of its power. This energetic healing can bring deep changes on the physical, mental and emotional level helping you rid the aches, pains, and dis-eases that reside in these parts of you.

Basil tends to find its way into our hearts when we are ready to change old beliefs. If you are reading this passage right now, you probably are ready to change the outdated thought patterns that don’t coincide with who you are today or who you know you can be. She is often around slowly planting her seed and delivers as medicine when you are ready to surrender. She is here to help support us in releasing unwanted thoughts that have been created in our mind over time. She works with us to break a part these thoughts so we can be liberated and step in alignment with love/higher vibrations. It is said that can help clear the blurred inner visions to be clear. It is said that if you let her, she will help change your inside world so much so that you will “never see life the same again.”

Varieties of Basil:

There are various basils used as medicine and each are distinctive in their own way while holding these healing characteristics. At the studio we are working four varieties but know there are many more:

Basil. Exotic ($30)

Basil, Holy (Tulsi) ($29)

Basil, True ($34)

Basil, Sweet ($34)

I consider Basil a mother teaching us (her children) how to live free from all that plagues us. Think of the four varieties as four different mothers with four different parenting styles. Choose which one resonates with you as a growing and evolving Earth Child.

Basil, Holy is (and has been for thousands of years) as a medicine in sacred ceremony. She is a spiritual being taking you deep in your meditations in a yin way. She is believed to be a good luck omen in the Hindu tradition. Also known as Tulsi, you will see her being prescribed in Indian/Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Her parenting type is that of the “spiritual and gentle mother.” Use her in a ritualistic way as she is “spiritual food” feeding the soul taking you higher and closer to whatever God you believe in. She is the most gentle of the four. In past life regressions, she is best to use if you are new to past life regression work and want it done it gently. She will address the memories of you that were spiritually inspiring, bring to surface sacred memories, and allow you to retrieve and heal from memories in a sweet, soft, loving, gentle way.

Basil, Sweet is more masculine in nature. She is known to be the “strong and strict mother” who will “take you there.” Don’t let her sweet smell and name fool you. She is here to guide you to do your work. She will show you where your depressions are and really potently make you face them so you don’t need to be controlled or stunned by them anymore. She shows you your pains and like a strict mom, for your own good, “makes” you (want to) face them. She is said to show past life memories where you were a woman or female energetics played a strong role in a soul memory.

In Past Life Regression, she is said to use if you need to address a past life issue in a yang way specifically to address to bring CLARITY to reasons the soul is the way it is in its current human form, to helps to digest parts of our past and to work with a more “straight forward-show-me-what-I-need-to-see” approach in past life regression work. She is said to shed light on past life regression where you were a man or male energies played a pivotal part in a soul memory.

Basil, True is true to her name. She brings an honest approach to dealing with physical, mental, and emotional alignments. She is the “honest and pure mother.” Use her if you want to do your work on yourself honestly or are searching for your truths. Also use her to help with the lies that yourself that may leave you physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally in pain. For past life regression work, use her if you need to address a past life issue in a yin way specifically with soft memories in a transition that are honest and nurturing to your evolvement as a being.

Basil, Exotic is my favorite for anxiety. She is a pure nervine while the other varieties work as an antidepressant. She is also the strongest of the four types mentioned. I like to consider her the “odd mom”. She aids in past life regression journeys from a masculine perspective and helps you explore “foreign” parts of you or parts of you that feel “foreign.” She lets you go deep, into the unseen or “not normal” and give you answers. Sometimes this can be heavy as she is strict, but she will show you what you need to see.

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