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Lime, Mexican

As Halloween approaches us, who better to have as a plant friend this week then Lime, Mexican? This fruity essential oil smells like candy but heals like the medicine it is. In fact, his sweet aroma smells very similar to that of a Lime Starburst, yet instead of giving you a bellyache, he’ll help you get rid of it!

Lime, Mexican is a happy friend to have. If he were a person, his smile would be as big as his face! He’d be your friend that was always dancing and singing for no reason (with no music on!). Can you picture him? Full of light and ease: he is innocent and playful like a child yet wise and open with his heart like a great sage. He is an energy that simply brings joy into the room. In this way, he will bring joy into your mind, body and soul.

Lime, Mexican knows some precious secrets on how to live a life full of bliss; he knows how to process grief and heartache and not let it stunt his future. He knows how to live in equilibrium and contentment. He has a lot to teach mankind.


Lime, Mexican is an antidepressant. He is an uplifter. He reminds the soul to be playful and free. He shows us there is always something to smile about. He is excellent to use if you are in a dark slump, feeling blue or having issues with depression. He also works as a grief counselor. If you are mourning the loss of someone or something or going through a transition, Lime assists in this difficult process. Lime holds the vibration of ArchAngel Azrael (the angel of death). He helps the heart feel at peace and gives it strength to move forward. He will assist in the processing needed at this time. Lime, Mexican helps to show a way to bring joy back into the body and mind even when all feels lost. He will even stimulate your appetite if you are not feeling motivated to eat.


Lime is also the medicine of patience. He teaches peace and brings a sense of security as our heart learns this important lesson. Lime reminds us that all will happen when the time is right. He shows the heart that everything is taken care of and reminds us that everything is moving at the exact speed it needs to. He is one of those vibrations that happily shows us the bigger picture so we can comfortably be in the here and now.


Physically, Lime, Mexican is known as a deep cleanser. He detoxes the body getting rid of unhealthy parasites, bacteria, fungus, and virus’. Use him when you are sick or as preventative medicine to boost your immune system (especially during flu season or if you work somewhere where you are often around lots of germs). You can also use Lime, Mexican if you are cleansing. It will support you in this process. If you are going through detox or fighting an addiction, Lime, Mexican is also powerful in helping with this. He is known to be one of the best to use when going through this process. He helps open the hearts of those struggling with an addiction so they can see how to beat it while also cleansing the body and aiding in the detox process.

pH Balancer

Mexican Lime is a great pH balancer. The pH of the body plays a large role in the health of the entire body. When the body’s pH is off, it is an invitation for disease to grew. When we can neutralize our pH, the body comes into balance and equilibrium. Lime, Mexican assist with this. You can drink a few drops in water or simply rub some on the bottom of the feet.

Travel Partner

Lime, Mexican is your best travel partner! When I travel, I bring him with me and he brings me much ease. First, he is amazing with jet lag as he is an overall balancer, and he will specifically help you adjust with time changes. Along with this, he is healing to the digestive tract. When we go on vacation, many of us don’t eat well. Also, many people have a hard time with eating foods from different cultures or areas or simply not eating home-cooked foods or on the regular schedule they do eat. Lime, Mexican will take away the digestive discomfort we can experience when traveling. I used to travel to third world countries often and would leave with a bellyache every time. When I started using Lime, Mexican I didn’t have that problem anymore. It was amazing, and I couldn’t believe it! Last, Lime teaches us to relax and be happy. When people work all the time, relaxing on a vacation can be hard, and Lime Mexican will teach us how to do this. This is because….


Lime Mexican is a big supporter of YOU! This plant medicine teaches you how important it is (and how to) take care of yourself. He teaches you to put you first; if you are a person who doesn’t know how to do this, hang with Lime, Mexican and he will teach you his ways.

Lime, Mexican also comes in to help when we need rest. He is excellent in the rehabilitation effect for when we have over exhausted ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. He helps with toxicity in the body, mind, and spirit. I like to call Lime “Rest and Re-set” in a bottle. He’ll let you know when you are doing too much, when you need to take off, and also teach you how to rest. After we’ve taken on time out, our energy will be restored and from here great successes can happen.

How is this plant friend different than the regular Lime you see in the grocery store?

Can you just eat lime to get all of these benefits? Well first, please do eat your lime! Squirt it on your food and enjoy it in your water! It is very healing, and food is our medicine, but I would also recommend using the essential as well. This is because the essential oil brings you a different part of the fruit that brings a different power than the lime’s juice. The rind of the fruit is cold-pressed to create this powerful medicine. Here we are getting the thick skin of the fruit. Physically, this is where most of the nutrients and vitamins are. Energetically, its dark green hue is powerful color therapy medicine for the heart chakra. Emotionally, its thick skin (protecting the sweet inside of the fruit), teaches our heart to be strong, not guarded, but safely protected. It is good for those with thin skin or those who get their feeling hurt easily. Lime is resilient in joy. He fights for his right to be happy operating from the heart and nowhere else.

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