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Nutmeg comes from the seed of the nutmeg fruit found on the evergreen, Nutmeg Tree. The fruit, when dried, produces nutmeg (the seed). From here is where the medicine is taken from.

You see, to get the Nutmeg is not entirely simple. The vastness of where she comes from is not simple as well. Seeds energetically represent the cause, the fruit represents the effect. Good fruit produce good seeds. Good seeds produce good fruit. Good brings nothing but more good. The Nutmeg used in essential oil as medicine is the product of good causes and effects: good choices and good karmas. She will help teach you these lessons: to plant good seeds (thoughts) and see good results (life).

The Nutmeg tree can grow up to 70 feet tall. Nutmeg teaches us to grow strong and high yet her teachings are based on simplicity. The overall vibration of Nutmeg is to teach the lesson of simpleness in the profoundness of all that there is. Think of how you eat Nutmeg. A few dashes or sprinkles of her is how you will find her on your food. She teaches a little goes a long way and to keep it simple and light.

The simple warmth you feel when you place a scarf around your neck, that is Nutmeg

The profound feeling of support you feel when hugged, that is the vibration of Nutmeg: a supporting, warming, grounding power allowing you to feel happy, safe and supported in an easy way.

Nutmeg is a hug in a bottle. She will hug you when you need a hug. She will hug you when you don’t need a hug. She will remind us we could never not use a hug: she told me there is no such thing as “too many hugs” as it is every being’s right to feel warm, safe and love. When the world gets cold or our emotions run cold, we may forget that.

Nutmeg blesses us with her warming vibration. She shows we don’t need to feel

  • Sad

  • Lonely

  • Sluggish

  • Run down

  • Sick

We don’t need to treat others with

  • Coldness

  • Harshness

  • Unlove

We deserve to live in:

  • Abundance

  • Pleasure

  • Bliss

  • Ecstasy

We deserve to feel:

  • Supported

  • Energized

  • Motivated

  • Loved

If you are physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, or spiritually feeling cold, call on Nutmeg. She will bring the logs to ignite the flame within restoring warmth to your soul.

More on Nutmeg’s simple power:

  • Parts of the chemical components of Nutmeg were actually copied and magnified in the making of the drug Ecstasy. What does this mean? Nutmeg, used in its natural form (a few drops/few sprinkles) helps bring happiness, bliss, and fights depression in a grounding, warming way.

  • Nutmeg is root chakra medicine helping bring healing to issues with family, money, and our basic needs. The Nutmeg tree where the Wisdom of the Earth essential oil is produced further supports this root chakra healing as it is produced from trees over 700 years old by a family who consider their trees family members. There is much respect, reverence, traditional and the vibration of a strong family lineage in where this medicine comes from. The 15 ml bottle is only $27.

  • Nutmeg has been known to help with bad breath: you can gargle her/ use as mouthwash. She can also help eliminate toxins from your gut that may contribute to foul-smelling breath.

  • Nutmeg is a natural painkiller as she is a chi (energy) warmer and muscle aid. Massage Nutmeg into sore muscles to help relieve muscle pain, swelling and inflammation and promote circulation. Use a carrier oil if she feels too hot/there is a skin reaction.

  • She will help you sleep and give you bright dreams. Nutmeg has a sedative and calming effect. As a result, she can relieve stress, helping improve the quality of sleep and make dreams “more intense and colorful.” Try using some of her before you go to bed.

  • Nutmeg is a brain stimulant. She helps remove exhaustion, enhance your concentration, ignite joy and treat anxiety-related symptoms.

  • She is a detoxifier and has been proven to help remove toxins from the liver and kidneys, as well as dissolve kidney stones and uric acid.

  • Nutmeg is said to bring riches into your life. She is said to teach and attract wealth.

  • Nutmeg is great for relationships. It teaches how to be warm and caring to one another and is a sexual stimulant/aphrodisiac.

  • She facilitates and helps digestion, is great heart medicine, helps with circulation, aids metabolism and helps with PMS. She anti-parasitic and analgesic.

(c) Yoga With Shawna

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