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Mandarin provides deep, sweet, healing medicine for humankind. She is a celebration of planting good seeds: a tangible form of good karma, and literally the fruit of the labor. She is relatable and kind. She sweetly expresses her wisdom. She brings lessons of:

  • ancestral connection and healing

  • abundance, fertility and generosity

  • remaining sweet through bitter or bruised times

  • calm and peace

  • joy

  • creativity

  • connection to spirit and the higher world

  • healing for children and inner child work

Ancestral Connection and Healing:

Science has found that the Mandarin is one of the few core ancestral citruses holding DNA of the citrus family, not manipulated or hybridized like many other members of the citrus family today. Her lineage is open, connected, and long. Her family-ties run pure and deep. For this reason, she is helpful connecting you to your ancestors, Often times I have worked with students who have placed a few drops of Mandarina on them and they have seen visions of their parents/grandparents/great grandparents or beyond, start thinking of their family immediately or get messages from deceased family members. In this way, Mandarin works as a vortex guiding you to the door connecting you to your ancestors and can be used, with intention, to connect you with your family on many levels and/or heal ancestral pains passed down generationally.

Abundance, Fertility and Generosity:

Mandarins come from a small citrus tree. This tree is drought tolerant and strong. It provides resiliency and strength for its fruit to grow. Take a guess on how many Mandarins grow on one tree per year?

(Scroll down for answer)

If you said 50 or so, that was a (good) and typical guess. Some big thinkers have guess a few hundred. 5 to 7 thousand is the actual number! That is right: 5,000 to 7,000 mandarins grow on one mandarin tree per year. Pretty amazing, right? This giving, providing, fruitful nature is one of Mondrian's most powerful medicines she shares. She teaches you to think big and to think without limits. She teaches the brain to catch up to the soul in the reality of EXPANSIVENESS and LIMITLESS POTENTIAL AND FRUITATION. She reminds us of the reality of abundance: there is more than enough for all. She helps you to step away from thinking in terms of limits, or the idea that something will “run out” or there “isn’t enough.” She sheds light on the truth and power of constant creation and helps disintegrate thinking in lack. Call on her if you have money issues or think in a way that makes you believe there isn’t enough. She is the catalyst to help you think in a new, abundant way.

With abundance comes the celebration of fertility: the tree is largely fertile giving, giving, giving many fruits. She will energetically help bring you in alignment with fertility and the power of generosity. During Chinese New Year she is known to be a gift to give to bring abundance, good fortune, prosperity and luck and in European traditions, she was put in Christmas stocking to bring good luck.

Because of this, on a physical note, she is great medicine for fertility; Also, her strong roots help boost our immune system and she gives us energy helping our blood and lymph move.

Thin Skin and Sweetness:

Different than her sister, Orange, who is perfectly sphere, Mandarin is smaller and a “smushed-ball-like” shape. Different than her brother Lemon, who is thick-skinned (often you need a knife to get through its skin), Mandarin's skin is thin. She is easy to peel. Because of her thin skin and “different” shape, she easily bruises or blemishes. The white part inside of Mandarin is bitter, but her fleshy fruit (which makes up most of her) is sweet. What does all this mean? She is relatable for those of us who get our feelings hurt easily or symbolically get bruised. She is relatable for those of us who are thin-skinned. She even can relate to the feeling of bitterness that can run through us from time to time. Yet, she teaches the power of sweetness. Her sweetness takes over: it is the root of who she is and she reminds us that even if you are “thin-skinned” or tender/fragile/sensitive in nature, the sweetness inside of your heart and soul will help you vibrate health. She shows us to cut through bitterness and honor the core of a sweet perspective on life and vibration to others/all things. She reminds us to not let our bruises turn into scars and to let our sweetness through to serve the world. Thin skin can be a superpower as it is a strength to feel, and she shows us the way, helping us to move on and be the change, instead of being affected negatively.

Because of this, on a physical note, Mandarin is amazing skin medicine: she provides chemotypes that help cell regeneration allowing her to quickly help heal wounds, fade scars, address skin issues, dissipate acne/blemishes, cellulite, and help with face lines and wrinkles. Through sweetness, she helps make our skin strong. On an even stronger note, research has proven her power in cell regeneration and she has been proven to not only help repair skin cells, but any/all cells in the body including inhibiting cancer/tumor growth in a body.

Children and Inner Child Work:

Mandarin has been known to work well with children as her gentle and sweet nature serves the youth in a way in which they can hear her. . Research has also proven her to be healing for autism, specifically in children. Her power with bringing healing to children transcends to adulthood. Inside all of us is a little version of ourselves: our inner child. Here lies a playful, joyful, sweet and innocent part of you. However, many of our inner child’s are riddled with pain, sadness or fear holding on to pains or misunderstandings we have experienced as youth. Like a child’s favorite, sweet Kindergarten teacher, Mandarin will come and help assist the hurting inner child within you and help bring it back to its nature: one of joy and lightness. Using Mandarin works to help heal past child traumas and wounds as she opens the door for opportunity for this healing for you.

First, Second and Third Chakra Medicine:

Mandarin's skin and fruit is primarily orange with hues of red and yellow. Her color therapy brings healing to the first, second and third chakra, specifically helping release fear, provide flow and ease, remind the self how to create and be creative (second chakra), while doing so in a way that is strong and grounded (first chakra) and one full of joy (third chakra). Perfectly enough, relating to the organs that reside in the first/second/third chakra region, on a physical note, she helps aid digestion.


Mandarin is a nervine and so she helps de-stress and bring calm. Again and again I have seen her deliver this instantly: helping those feel disconnected, out of their body or overstressed, quickly come back into a state of peace. She is researched and proven brain medicine to calm.

Connection to Spirit:

I once was told Mandarin was hypnotic. I quickly rejected this word wondering how it could be, but now using her again and again, and experiencing her as other students use her in classes, I have seen this power. She will quiet a room full of people. She will take you on a journey within, transferring you to what seems to be another dimension to help bring clarity and healing to any of the issues you need assistance with as stated above. Her energetic power is real on a physical note regulating energy in the body. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have used her for thousands of years to regulate “chi” or energy within. This is because of her power to spirits. She helps connect you to the higher world. She is great medicine to use in meditation or on spiritual journeys within as she deliver spirituality in a joyful, freeing dance of sweet epiphanies.

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