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If Mugwort were a person, she’d an in-your-face-tell-you-what’s-good-for-you-power house-take-no-nonsense-queen. To call her a friend of “tough love” is inaccurate as she is pure love: she is not tough but rather potent. Her quest is to show you the amount of love you are and the peace and calm your life is worth. She will not let you argue against her: she will remind you over and over again, “Everything is ok, everything is ok, everything is ok, everything will always be ok.” And she will not let you tell her otherwise. She will repeat this vibration in every one of your cells until you see it and feel it in your heart. Her end result, when used consciously, is liberation.

Truth be told, she is known as a butt kicker. She is not gentle. She vibrates “No time but the present.” She doesn’t believe in procrastinating our suffering. She will show you it is not ok to hurt yourself and your life with unloving thoughts. Some plants open the door to your healing and politely and sweetly invite you in. Mugwort has the door wide open and is screaming from the inside “Get your tush in here, sweet Earth child. Let’s make your life full of peace and calm. Uh, NOW.”

If you (and when you) are ready to do the work, to look inside and say goodbye to the things that cause you pain, Mugwort will enter your life. She serves those well looking to make big and positive changes in their life and leave unserving, old versions of themselves in the past (where they belong). She is here, with her strong presence, to show you the ways.

Why would some consider her a butt kicker? Many of us are intimidated or scared to do the work we need to change. I used to think in this way myself. Sometimes when I think of Mugwort I think she is a drill sergeant in “Spiritual Bootcamp” blowing her whistle at me everytime I step back into a conditioned thought or behavior that doesn’t serve my highest good. She will remind me and she will remind me relentlessly and loud until she has my full attention. But, I know, she is no drill sergeant: she is an powerful act of love that wants nothing but love for me. She is not rough or tough, but my blockages and stories that I tell myself make me feel that way when we are really getting into it and making serious life changes.

I have personally been working with Mugwort as an essential oil (which tends to be the most potent) since 2015. In our short time together, she has helped me transform much of the darknesses that lay inside of me into light. 80% of our time working together has been a joy: she gave me the compassionate, forceful push to simply stop old patterns. The other 20% of the time she has brought me to my knees: literally in panic or tears. The first time this happened, I couldn't believe it. I hid the bottle and didn't want to use her again. Even today, every now and then I’ll have a little resistance to using her. My old pattern thinking whispers in my ear: “What if she brings up some anxiety within you and you feel nervous or freak out? What if she ruins your day?. The more I use Mugwort I know that when something big comes up like this: when some negativity comes to the surface, it is an honor as it means it is finally ready to leave and not live repressed, buried inside of me unconsciously dictating my actions and causing blockages in my life. She could never ruin my day because she helps teach me to be me closer and closer to love not matter how hard it may be based on my past.

Mugwort will show up for you and teach you to show up for you. She will bring to surface what you need to release. She helps us battle resistance. She is an author helping humanity re-write the stories they tell themselves that cause mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or energetic strife. She will come in and show the ways to edit the pain.

In the plant kingdom she is considered an invasive weed. As a gardner, I love the vibration and the medicine that weeds are. Weeds teach many things. They get your attention. They force you to pay attention to them and decide what to do with them. The ask the questions: Do you need to get rid of me because I am negatively affecting the health of something healthy growing or do you need to honor me and use me as I am abundantly here for you?

Many weeds are food (literally) that provide great nutrients to us. How often have you walked over, judged or thrown out something that just could have helped you? Some of us do not even know how to answer this question because we didn’t even notice we did this in the first place.

Weeds are misunderstood and so they provide a medicine to us helping us to understand. They also help console us when we are misunderstood. Energetically, I believe the Earth provides (naturally) all we need: weeds grow all over the place as a gift because humanity needs them but we often push away what we need.

That is Mugwort’s root vibration: she teaches you not to push away what you need and to push away what you don’t need. She is a blockage remover. If you put a few drops of her on, and you pay attention (she will teach you do so), you can even feel the subtleness of her moving within you.

Different cultures and traditions, for thousands of years, have used Mugwort as protector or one to rid evil. This is because Mugwort also teaches boundaries. She teaches us when to say No and how to step out of conditioned thinking. She guides our soul to live in our own direction and listen inward only to the love that exists within us.

Mugwort is also powerful for dreamwork. She is amazing medicine to aid in lucid dreaming. She reveals our truths during dreamtimes to help us transform and step into the person we want to be. Using her a night, consciously, or simply have a sachet of dried mugwort under you pillow willassit you in using your dreams for answers.

Mugwort grows throughout San Diego (all of California and Arizona) along with many places throughout the world. She can be six feet tall and will take over. She’s got a story to share.

From a physical and literal perspective she is a stimulant (from the endocrine system to the circulatory system, can be used to get rid of parasites or helps balance emotions, and in this way she is great from women), she is a pain reliever (she will help with nerve repair, muscle spasms, cramps, inflammation), she is a detoxifier, fights infection, helps with digestion, she is amazing brain medicine and has been proven to help with psychological health: she is a nervine and helps bring a calm and tranquility to the mind. She has be proven to calm people with hysteria. She is a diatertic, will relieve menstrual pain, an appetite stimulant, and has been known to delay the aging process.

If you read about Mugwort, there are often stories of her that operate from a place of fear: DO NOT USE FOR THIS OR THAT. SHE CAN CAUSE THIS OR THOUGHT. This is just Mugwort doing her thing, helping those authors writing about her to let out their fear and be aware of their go-to emotions and step away from the paradigm of nervousness and into a place of love. Change starts with awareness and Mugwort will provide you this among many of her gifts.

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