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"Black Magic"

Cade is a powerhouse plant medicine, unlike any other. She is black dark energy bringing protection and care that goes up against black, dark energy within us and around us that can rob us of our light and health.

Cade is a deep cleanse on all levels. Black traumas that blind us or hurtfully shield us from living a life full of love and peace open to receiving can be debilitating and our mental, physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual health can greatly suffer. Cade works her potent magic to help fight against the darknesses in our life so we can be liberated and free.

When working with trying to neutralize negativity in our lives, there are tends to be two approaches I have taken as an energy worker: (1) Invite in white energy (the color white, white smoke, or plants and flowers and crystals that are white, for example). The white goes in against the dark and shows it the light: it is an illuminating approach showering something negative with something pure. It is seeing and bringing the light and purity in a dark situation. (2) We can also match dark energy with dark. Sometimes when you are hanging in a lower vibration, the light just doesn’t “work” because you just can’t see the positive side: this is when black energy (black plants, crystals, trees, etc) can come in and absorb the darkness swallowing it within its own darkness. Fighting dark with dark takes a more potent approach. From here we are able to be neutralized and walk away from the darkness and into the light and be more positive.

Cade plant medicine is literally black: it is a smooth yet tar-like, shiny black liquid. It is almost mind blowing to see her drops come out of the bottle as this is unadulterated, natural, potent color of her as she is naturally distilled from her wood. She will absorb into the skin without leaving a black residue and will go right in and help you face the darkness. Special note: if she does leave a black residue she is there to remind you to let go.

What is this plant?! Cade is a species of Juniper (a coniferous plant). She is found in the Mediterranean and can grow low but wide as a shrub but can also shoot up high to about 30 feet in a more Christmas Tree looking appearance. Her needles are pointy, pointy, pointy, sharp! She will prick the skin if you touch her but these sharp needles tend to make a beautiful sacred shape of a star on each branch. She grows on rocky land from sea level to up to 1600 meters proving she is resilient and strong teaching you the lessons of thriving in tough conditions and also showing the importance of being adaptable and versatile and growing in various environments. Her medicine is made from the wood and along with being pitch black, it smells deeply smokey like barbeque.

Cade’s medicine to help you face the darkness in your life works in various ways:

She is a great protector of you. Just as her sharp needles remind others to mindfully honor her space, she will teach you how to build a protective fortress around the sacredness that is your mind, body and soul while not blocking (building a wall) or pushing out others especially when we are triggered. If you are one with high walls of protection that don’t let others in, she is wonderful medicine for you.She will shield you from you and the overly-protective or self sabotaging behavior. She understands trauma and is great to work with if you are suffering from PTSD, fear and past abuse. She tells you all is safe and brings protection in terms of forgiveness, showing us to see the bigger picture and come back grounded and calm free from what was.

Cade will also help shield you from the darknesses in the outside world that has nothing to do with your sacred, inside world. If you are sensitive or hypersensitive person who deeply feels or can be offended from others she is a great teacher for you. She will help you understand how to “eat up” the darknesses from other people that are not yours and therefore serves no purpose causing you harm or bringing down your vibe. Cade is there for you when the world around you is full of negativity. Her pointy needles teach us loving wisdom and how to protect ourselves while not hurting others or vibrating more dark. She is also good to use when in crowds of people as she tends to energetically protect you from when other’s energies can be “too much. She teaches how to respectfully shield you from the darknesses from others while not allowing you to get bitter, overwhelmed or causing blockages on others in the same.

Cade brings a sense of calm. Because she is a tree and her medicine is made from her wood, her vibration is super grounding. She will work to immediately help bring you to the present moment and feel here and now. She is known to help fight fear and anxiety and bring release to nerves instilling calm.

Cade awakens the intuition: she will help nurture your gut feelings and inner seed of knowing. She holds your hand in meditation allowing you to go deeper in the journey of meditation, helping to quiet the mind and lowering the brain waves while amplifying the messages from the soul helping to feel at peace and at ease. You can actually eat Cade: one lick of her and your mouth will go numb! You have around 87 reflexology points in the mouth relating to the different organs in the body: Cade quickly works to active their healing releasing blockages. Her numb quality energetically reminds to quiet and surrender and also pay attention to our senses and sensations in the body. She helps to feel, hear and pay attention.

Cade helps you remember to do the work. Her potent smell is something you won’t forget: she smells strong and smokey as if you are in front of a campfire. I have used a drop of Cade and smelled her on me (still) 48 hours later. She lingers as she will not leave your side until you feel confident and parted from whatever listen she has come to help you with may it be the darkness you are battling, feeling calm or being in the moment. Her smokey smell will talk to you when in it is time for you listen or remember her teachings.

Physically, her affects are potent as well as research shows 90% of our physical pains are actually emotional, mental or energetic. Cade helps brings these in alignment as a result you will see the physical release.

  • Cade is great skin medicine. She is known for her power in helping heal skin, cuts, eczema and dermatitis. This is because she helps you feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • She is also a natural pain reliever and is commonly used to help the aches and pains our body feels due to trapped low vibrations. She sometimes works to numb the pain temporary so we can remember what it is like to feel light and work deeper towards getting there.

  • She detoxifies the body potently and has been known to rid the body of parasites or fungus!

  • Last, she works great to help heal and balance the heart and blood neutralizing blood pressure. This is because all that is left after the darkness has subsidies is pure love.

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