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A single drop of Rosemary on your skin and she begins to start her conversation with each one of the trillions of cells that make up the physical body, the sacred home, in which your soul lives. She will first whisper softly and her message will continue to get louder as you continue to listen. You see, the plants and trees and flowers, all of them, they have a story to tell, a lesson a teach, a gift to give, and the second you start listening and opening your heart to them, the second they begin to speak louder and show you how to use them and how they can help guide you to positive change. Rosemary has a loud voice: a potent and powerful message and she speaks right to your head, if you let her in.

Rosemary is head medicine. When used, she will “move in” and live right at the crown (the top of your head) helping guide the heart and head to be friends and work together. She is potent plant medicine for helping the many imbalances the head can encounter and is especially helpful as a nervine to calm and quiet the mind and also an antidepressant to uplift and invite joy to the brain. She shares the story of growth: put a few drops of her and massage her into your head and she will show the brain to grow away from old habits and mental patterns that cause us suffering and bring us into a place of balance, peace and equilibrium. All things are connected so what she does for us mentally she will also do for us physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually so from this stance, she is known for making hair grow, the crown chakra open and help you grow closer with any spiritual relationship you have.

Rosemary’s super power comes from her ability to help you remember. Rosemary is for remembrance. She will help you remember who you are, what you are a made of and why you are in this life right now. She helps you remember your soul. If you are suffering, she helps you remember the good parts of you that once came easy to you. When suffering from depression, she will say, “Hey, remember when you laughed.” When suffering from heartache, she will remind your body/mind/soul the feeling you had when you were easily capable of loving without pain. If you are suffering from fear, she will remind your being of its bravery.

If you are feeling heavy, she will remind the body of its ability to feel light. If you are feeling trapped, she will bring back a time that maybe so long ago you felt liberated. Wherever you are suffering, she will remind you that you didn’t always suffer and help transmute the energy of pain you are feeling into the energy of the memory of the place and time when you lived in balance in the area that you are suffering. For you have experienced so much good on so many levels, just sometimes you forget.

Bring Rosemary in to remind yourself of when you expressed your love unconditionally, when you didn’t judge others, when you listened instead of acted defensively. Use Rosemary when you forget how darn powerful you are: when you are feeling scared or unworthy. Use Rosemary when you are not expressing yourself comfortably and are hiding behind a wall of fear blocking other’s out. She will remind you this is not really you. Bring Rosemary in when your body feels tired and overworked and she will remind you of the calm, peace and healthy state your body once felt. When you feel old, use Rosemary to remind the body of its undying inner youth. When you feel lost and are questioning everything, Rosemary will help bring you closer to answers as she will remind you of the wisdom that exists in each one of your cells.

She will remind you of the innocence you once had as a child, if you are suffering from ego-based problems as an adult today. She remind you of your smile, your heart, that time you took a leap of faith, that time when you were flexible in your decision making, that time when you didn’t make things harder for yourself, that time when you didn’t judge yourself, that time when you were full of gratitude, that time you gave without wanting anything back…. she’ll awaken the soul to speak loud to remind you of all the beautiful vibrations of positivity and joy you are. She reminds you of you: the love that you are, and she reminds you that all things: all people, plants, things….hold this same love.

If you are looking to be better---to learn and grow and continue to evolve and be the healthiest version of yourself---use Rosemary to remind you of what you want to be as you once were. If you are having relationship problems, Rosemary is a friend to all: she teaches you to see all the good (the essence that you are!) is in everyone around. She shows us how to be friends with others and ourselves as she reminds us we are all the same.

The thing with Rosemary you have to understand is she is not going to bring you down memory lane in a way where you are fantasizing all day long: she will talk to you in various ways (in the way that you will listen and change). She may not bring up actual memories (and most times does not) but she will bring back that vibration, emotional or mental stamina: the feeling you had: she’ll tell it to the brain and the heart and that feeling, that memory, will come back and make its way back home if you let it. Rosemary, as plant medicine, shows you how to let it because the true power of her medicine is not just remembering but never forgetting again.

On a personal note, I used Rosemary to get myself off of antidepressants I was once dependent on. She reminded me that fear was something I picked up along the way in my life, not who I was born as. Then she taught me to never, ever forget that peace is my birthright and fear is just a lesson reminding of the calm I am, truly.

Because she is amazing memory medicine, you can use her in your tangible life if you are feeling forgetful (so to prepare for a test or if you seem flighty and forget things often or if your physical brain is growing older). I also really like her as preventive medicine. Her physical uses are immense (from pain and headache release to sinus and respiratory healing to colds, coughs, nail health, head lice, eczema, swelling, insomnia….)because she reminds the body of how to be healthy....

She is a constant reminder of the good that you are and always have been (as is life, the universe and all of the intangible things we cannot yet can fathom). This sacred friend is full of reverence and deep healing and when I think of her, all I can do is humbly bow at the gifts she gives us back mirroring all the beauty we are.

Come into the studio this week for a free sample of Rosemary (we have a few different versions of her!)

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