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You are at a party and your open-hearted friend, Spearmint clinks her glass [of water] because she feels inspired to recognize her friends for their positive actions in truth. She begins asking her friends to raise their glasses [of water] and says…..

“To being able to see throughs the illusions within.

To understanding yourself.

To being you.

To showing yourself to the world.

To living in this place, unapologetically and not simply living as if to please the masses. .

To standing in truth.

To feeling peace and calm as a result of this inner honestly coming to surface.

May you always be fearless in showing the world who you truly are.”


If you are looking for truth and honesty, and if you are wanting to be around the energy of genuinity and learn how to embody this profoundly in your life, spend time with Spearmint. She is a teacher for those seeking truth and a friend for those looking to live in this space but learn how to do with innocence and gentleness.

The truth doesn’t have to hurt. Honesty doesn't have to be rash or rebellious. The truth does set us free. It is refreshing.

Spearmint is the embodiment of inspiration and courage acting through gentle wisdom. She is your refreshing friend routing for your genuinity, helping open the door to your unique truths so they can be shared (and enjoyed) by the world.

It is human nature to want to please others, to want to fit in, to want to “keep up” with what the others are doing and be part of the crowd. It takes guts to be unique and stand in ourselves as often times we get judged or others want to change us to be “more like them.” . Spearmint reminds us of the irony of this, for at the core of it all, we are all the same: we are all bound, we are all OM, yet our individual souls in our own individual human bodies and the uniqueness within, these special and one-of-kind perspectives, are the gift to the world: for our differences are what shape the world and abundance and ease is brought when we celebrate this truth within this. The plant and tree world the live this wisdom. The Spearmint Leaf does want to be a Fir Tree. The Lavender plant does not try to change the Geranium flower. The Laurel Leaf does not envy the Ginger Root. They all cohabitate on Earth in their own way sharing their unique teachings to help heal and further expand and evolve the world.

What is more refreshing than genuinity? Spearmint is a refreshing medicine. She inspires us to be ourselves and she gives us courage to do so while approaching this important life lesson from a playful approach. Spearmint is medicine of the heart and throat binding the two for outward and inward expression. She opens us up to honesty, bravery, and innocence. Inhale her and you will immediately feel her open you in ways you haven’t before.

Think of how society uses her: she is a favorite in gum to freshen the mouth. Spearmint is also a favorite in toothpaste. She yearns to be used in the mouth. This is because our mouth is where our truth is expelled. She inspires your words to be those of loving truth. She washes and refreshens our mouth with truth: she is used in toothpaste because she is “truthpaste”.

Spearmint, as all mints, bless the Earth in their abundant and rapid growth. Some call her “invasive” or like to (try) to keep her contained to a planter. But, the truth is nothing but abundant freedom and so you cannot cage it. Spearmint shows this how she grows. Try to grow her in a pot: eventually she will make her way out to other places blessing your garden. She grows fast and abundantly and I believe this is because Nature provides giving us always what we need. In a world full of propaganda, hidden agendas, and corruption, we need all the medicine we can understand the importance of who we are and what it takes to stand in our truths.

The use of Spearmint dates back at least the 1st Century AD and there are records of her being used in ancient mythology. She was also referenced in the Bible. The 14th century was the first time she was documented to be used as toothpaste, so as you can see, we, as a human species, have been needing truthpaste for quite some time.

Why is it so hard to be ourselves? To celebrate our truths? Why is it so hard to brave? What is to so difficult to embody childlike freedom? Spearmint may not know the answer to that but she is medicine for courage to encourage you to find your own answers. She will help you face fear. She is known to help us feel brave. She gives you the courage to do what is truly you and she will do it while teaching you to be gentle with yourself along the way.

With truth comes deep healings. 90% of our pains and sicknesses are trapped emotions in the body. These emotions are trapped based on false stories we keep replaying to ourselves. Spearmint brings liberation from these lies and in return brings healing to our physical self. She is known to:

  • Help with weight loss: she is an appetite suppressant and shows us when we are eating for emotional and attachment reasons. She will help guide you into balance in this way.

  • Help with blood pressure: she sings a song of truth to the heart which blesses the blood: the plant is wise and she will help balance the blood pressure (may it be too high or too low) to help bring you back to equilibrium.

  • Help with muscle pain: simply put, she teaches us to loosen up and let go of all the stories that keep us in a tight ball of tension.

  • Help with digestion: when we have courage, we can stomach anything.

  • Improve memory: when you remember who you are, you can totally remember your to-do list….

  • Fight bacteria infections and be in high in antioxidants: she tends to bring all that is good to the body.

  • Help balance hormones in women: she helps keep our hormones in check by giving us a reality check in truth

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