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Energetic Wellness Kit (4 Essential Oils)

Energetic Wellness Kit (4 Essential Oils)


 Did you know that your energy body extends at least 5 feet outside of you? This means all of the energy around is part of your health hygiene to take care of. Just as important as it is to take care of your mental health and physical health, we must take care of our energetic health. Neglecting to do so is equivalent to neglecting to brush our teeth: it is an important and necessary habit to get into to take of your energy body. It is what is responsible for our energy levels (too little energy can make us feel deplete, tired, worn, out, low or depressed; to high energy can make us feel anxious, overwhelmed, or narcotic) and what we attract + manifest in our lives. 


 The Energetic Wellness Box provides 4 blends of over 8 different plants that work together with your energy body to keep it nourished, healthy, safe, and strong. It is supported by science and it can be felt and change you for the better.


It is encouraged to engage in the 21-Day Energy Wellness Ritual at least once to build a strong energy body + then listen to your energy + use these oils as they speak to you. What is super cool about essential oils generally is there are high vibrations so when you work with them they immediately increase your vibration (your energy level). What is also so powerful about them is you do not even have to put them on. Just having the body in your energy field will shift the energy.



This collection comes with 4 very carefully selected, crafted and blended oils all in one incredible kit to use for 21 days in a row to restore and strengthen your energy. 

Included is access to a 21 day ritual in using the oils to promote energyl wellness + 4 blends of:



Eucalyptus + Cedarwood 

Think of this blend as a shower for your energy body. It cleanse the chakras, detoxifies the energy of negative EMFs, releases blockages + makes your aura and energy feel pure and new. 



Cinnamon Bark, Orange, Black Pepper, Thyme 

Think of this blend as your own personal energy bodyguard. A few drops on your hands or feet and it will emit an energetic signal outward blocking negative energies. Your energy will stay contained + you will be protected from picking up the energy of others. The oil will also infuse into your skin protecting your body of free radicals, toxins and other harmful energies that cause pain or dis-ease in the body and mind.  Repeat the mantra: “My energy is protected.”



Yarrow + Frankincense + Davana 

This blend is like nutrients to your energy body bringing balance + health to your energy levels. Like a cell phone charger charging up a cell phone, this blend will re-energize and realign your energy to feel new.  Use this blend to replenish tired or depleted energy. Use this blend to build +  maintain a balanced chakra system. 



Rosemary, Tea Tree + Lavender 

Perfect for sensitive people or those that are highly empathetic. Think of this blend as the blend that helps build the immune system of the energy body. It will keep it healthy +  strong  to not let others' energies or negativity infuse your energy. It will build the energy body so you are strong and can set healthy boundaries, practice compassion for others but not be brought down by lower vibes, and maintain a balanced and healthy



Value $100


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