“Life is sweet, dude.” -Tangerine


Tangerine is the vibration of youth. She is happy-go-lucky. She is innocent. She exudes playful, childlike energy: that of great simple, innocent joy. She knows no stress. Frustration is not a word in her vocabulary. If Tangerine was a person, her  life would be nothing but sweet. She will teach you how to operate from this prospective.


Tangerine’s strength is in her skin. Physically, the medicine of her is made from her rind. This provides great medicine for us. Spiritually, we learn from her example. She has a thick skin to keep her insides sweet. Humans become tainted, depressed, sad or in a low vibration as a result of repetitious accounts of feeling hurt by others or the outside world. Tangerine teaches us to not  be affected by the coldness in the world and to t not let hurtful or sad things penetrate and change the core of who we are. What a meaningful message to hear and learn: don’t let low vibrations alter the sweet love and pure joy that is your birthright.


Tangerine teaches us to manage stress and frustration. It is one of her best qualities as a plant medicine. Use her as a life coach in this way.


Because of Tangerine’s sweet and childlike energy she is particularly meaningful for helping   children especially those who find structure frustrating, or the steps required to master a new skill frustrating and demoralizing.  She is particularly helpful for autistic children. She is great medicine for adults as well. Emotionally and spiritually, she supports our Inner Child, and helps us find the joy in life.  


Tangerine is also pure creative energy. She is second chakra medicine awakening inner expression and helping foster creativity.


Physically, she also detoxies, is antiseptic, supports the production of bile, helps with insomnia and aids in drainage of the gallbladder.


Ultimately, she is refreshing as she supports happiness. She will be your cheerleader and keep you young!

“You can do it, dude!” -Tangerine


Chakra: Second

Plant Part: Rind

Dosha(s): Vata


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