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The Moon Box (4 Essential Oil Kit)

The Moon Box (4 Essential Oil Kit)


When we use the wisdom of what is happening above us and sync our energy to the energy of that of the Universe's, below, here on Earth, we become aligned and are able to live easier because we are flowing in harmony. When you live in alignment with the moon, you can use its energy to enhance + improve your life. The moon is ever changing everyday shedding different levels of light and energy down on the Earth. It affects all things on earth from the oceans to the trees to the bugs to the emotions of every person on the planet. 


The moon is a beautiful teacher. It teaches us when to create, manifest, reset and start again. When you work with the moon and its energy it brings great rewards. Many people are out of sync with the moon cycle. The Moon Box helps bring lunar alignment so you feel centered and balanced.  


The different phases of the moon affect each person psychologically, physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally.  There are 8 lunar phases as the moon goes  every 27-29 5 days. The Moon Box combines the wisdom of the moon and plants to create a ritual you can do to work with the moon and live in harmony. 


Because the moon provides so much to learn about, The Moon Box is breaking it down to be simple + accessible grouping the 8 cycles into the 4 primary phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon + waning moon. Each primary phase, energetically, lasts about 7 days.


How to use The Moon Box: Each phase has one pure, organic, medicinal essential oil blend to honor the phase. Use the blend that correlates with the cycle during the 7 day period. Read about the cycle, use the teachings of the plants, and be aware of your actions + energies during this time. 


Kit includes:


Approximately days 1-7 in the moon cycle 

Organic Wild Mint + Lime


New Beginnings | Fresh Start | Intention Settings | Clarity + Focus  | Making Wishes 

Reiki Infused | Hand Poured During the New Moon




Approximately days 7 to 14 in the moon cycle (the first quarter of the moon cycle)


Organic Sweet Basil + Clary Sage 

Creating | Doing | Growing | Being Inspired 

Reiki Infused | Hand Poured During the Waxing Moon Period




Approximately days 14-21 in the moon cycle 

Organic Lemongrass + Ginger


Celebration | Intuition  | Brightness   | Success  | Control of Emotion | High Energy

Reiki Infused | Hand Poured During the Full Moon



Approximately days 21 to 28  in the moon cycle (the last quarter of the moon cycle)

Rest | Reflection | Relax | Realize  

 Organic Mandarin + Frankincense




Value $100

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