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Waning Moon Blend

Waning Moon Blend



Approximately days 21 to 28  in the moon cycle (the last quarter of the moon cycle)

Rest | Reflection | Relax | Realize  

 Organic Mandarin + Frankincense


The Waning Moon is not a good time to GET OUT THERE AND GET GOING or start something new. It is a time of learning, inward reflection and  introspection. The end of the cycle now the sky is getting darker and darker as the moon’s light is slowly going away. This is the energetic time to receive. Allow all the hard work you did  to now rain on you. This blend was formulated to help you relax, observe, and find peace. Use it to help you set back and just watch everything fall into place. The waning moon is a good time to take off or plan vacations and just relax. 


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