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Waxing Moon Blend

Waxing Moon Blend



Approximately days 7 to 14 in the moon cycle (the first quarter of the moon cycle)


Organic Sweet Basil + Clary Sage 

Creating | Doing | Growing | Being Inspired 

Reiki Infused | Hand Poured During the Waxing Moon Period 

The moon waxes the next (approximate)  7 days of the moon cycle.. Every night: little by little, the moon is showing more of its BRIGHT face.  This brings a lot of positivity, inspiration, and energy on to Earth. Use this period to put your goal into action. You have a plan, so do it. The energy is strong at this time so it is a time for doing. 


The moon has such a huge impact on the waters of everything on Earth. Being that our body is around 60% water, and water rules emotions, the moon affects our emotions. Clary Sage is a wonderful oil to balance our emotions and help us develop emotional intelligence. This is why she is so perfect to use in this cycle. Combined with Sweet Basil, which is nurturing and awakening to help understand our inner needs, wants and gifts, this blend will keep you clear headed and driven during the next phase of the moon cycle which is reflective of moving forward with your goals. 


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