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"The power this table has had on changing my mood and keeping my depression away is  significant in my quality of life"


Using a vibration sound massage table provides an opportunity to open the door of experiencing significant healing for the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and energetic parts of our whole being.   Offering a number of benefits in wellness, the effects are noticeable. and provide the chance for deep healing on a cellular level. The sound is delivered to the body. directly vibrating every part including the cells, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves, spinal cord, brain and brain stem. This opens the opportunity for direct cellular  stimulation and a deep whole body response.

The entire session is 30 minutes  on the sound table. Sessions are private (unless you request to bring a friend). They are self check in. Wear comfortable clothes + choose the playlist you wish + let the healing begin.  


"This sound table has changed my life. It has GREATLY  reduced my anxiety  which has been a deep   struggle  for me   Sometimes. it seems nothing has helped (and I've  tried  everything)  and  laying on this table has brought me + taught me peace and calmness."



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  • Reduces stress

  • Stabilizes blood pressure

  • Balance emotions + mood

  • Calms the central nervous system

  • Lowers the brainwaves to a healing state and expand consciousness 

  • Therapeutically benefiting emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual health

  • Aides PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental imbalances 

  • Gentle massage to the organs of the body

  • Cellular transformation

  • Stimulates receptors that suppress pain impulses transmitted from nerve endings to the brain

  • Helps bring the body into harmony

  • Induces deep relaxation

  • Regain balance at a cellular level 

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps balance the entire chakra system

  • Detoxes

  • Deeply stimulates the body on a cellular level

  • Helps re-wire the brain's unhealthy habits

  • Research has supported sound based therapy to treat autism,  fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis. depression, recovery. from surgery/trauma, pain and anxiety relief, insomnia, blood pressure, Parkinson's Disease and more. 

  • Supports meditation + spiritual growth

  • Helps quiet the mind 

  • No prolonged negative side effects / can "mix" with medicines 

  • Sends energy through every part of the body

  • Overcomes the chaotic and negative frequencies that invade our body daily (noise, cell phones, traffic, etc).

  • Cleanses positive ions that are negative for our body

  • Works as preventive medicine for those who are healthy

  • Harmonizes the body to its natural state

  • Assists  the body in healing itself

  • Improves the ventral nervous system

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Helps with grief

  • Helps with confidence and self-esteem

  • Opens intuition and connects with self trust

  • Helps with letting go and moving forward

  • Helps with grounding and being in the present moment 

  • Makes one more self aware and self attuned 

  • Lessens fear and worry

  • Clears blockages

  • Stimulates natural pathways 

  • Creates peace that is natural to your body's systems

  • Is used in hospitals, with hospice, spas, holistic healing centers like Yoga Studios, Reiki Centers, Massage Therapy Offices, Chiropractors, Sound Therapy, Alternative Health, Nturopathic Doctors, Psychiatric treatments and Mental Health Centers, Schools + Universities, + Therapists

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"Last year, I was experiencing horribly discomforting back spasms daily for almost six weeks. After three massages and four trips to the acupuncturist, I found myself not only still in pain, but extremely frustrated that all of my efforts to heal were fruitless. 

I told Shawna what was happening with me, and she recommended that I do a session on her sound table, which sounded interesting to me. Although I was a bit skeptical, I was also desperate to try anything that could help relieve my pain.

I went over to the studio, laid down on the table with the headphones on, and within the first five minutes of the very first track that played, I found myself in a trance-like state. The feeling of being blasted by vibrating sub frequencies while listening to this music is both intense and incredibly enjoyable. It felt like with every inhale of breath I could feel my entire spine expand, and with every exhale it would contract. I was so entranced, that I ended up spending nearly three hours on the table!  

When I finally got up, my back spasms were gone, and I felt a state of peace and relaxation that I seldomly experience. I knew I had to have one of these tables at home. It’s been nine months now, and the spasms never returned. I personally use the table at least twice a week, and insist that all of my friends come and have their own strange, and completely awesome and singular experiences on it as well. I love it! 

Thank you so much for creating this and sharing it with me. "


"I used to have insomnia  and now I lay on this table when I cannot sleep and I have noticed I fall asleep quicker and sleep sounder. This supports my health the rest of my day. I am eternally grateful."



$40 a session

or 4 monthly sessions at $50 a month


What time are sound massage table sessions available? 

Sessions can be booked every day from 6:00 am-10:00 pm. 


What will a session look like?

Sessions are self check in.  After you book online + secure your time, you will be given a code for the door. This code expires after your session. You will access the sound bed by putting in the code in the door.  Your session is for 30 minutes total. Sessions are self check in. 

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes. You want to be comfortable + to relax. There is no a changing area or bathroom so please wear what you would like to experience your sound massage session in. 

What should I bring?

 Blankets, eye pillows, cushions for under your legs + pillows will be provided but you may bring your own if you perfer!

Are sessions privates?


Do I need to preregister or can I just show up?

You must preregister + book a specific time: walk ins are not allowed and you have to sign up online ahead of time to reserve your spot.

What is the parking situation like?

We have a parking lot right in front of the studio. 

Is this purchase nonrefundable?

Sorry, there are no refunds + sales are nontransferable. 

Will there be a staff member there? 

No, in order to keep our sessions affordable + convenient so you can make appointments in off hours, this service is self check in; however we are available by phone at any time of your service. Give us a call or text at 609-377-4264

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